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Violating Sepulture & the Remains of the Dead

Title 21. Crimes & Punishment

Chapter 47

§ 1151. Right to Control Disposition of Remains - Persons in Whom Vested
§ 1151a.
Forfeiture of Right to Dispose of One's Body 
§ 1152. Decent Burial-Exception
§ 1153. Right to Carry Body to Another State for Burial
§ 1154. Autopsy-Definition-When Allowed
§ 1155. Penalty for Unauthorized Dissection
§ 1156. Post-dissection Burial of Remains
§ 1157. Burial of Dead Limbs
§ 1158. Duty of Burial
§ 1158a. Determination by Court to Award Right of Disposition
§ 1158b. Effect of Signing Funeral Service Agreement or Other Authorization for Disposition - Rights and Responsibilities of Funeral Directors
§ 1158c. Authority of Funeral Director
§ 1158d. Limitations on Liability of Funeral Director
§ 1159. Failure to Perform Duty of Burial
§ 1160. Custody of Body
§ 1161. Unauthorized Removal of Dead Bodies-Penalty
§1161.1  Desecration of a Human Corpse – Penalty
§ 1162. Unlawfully Purchasing or Receiving Dead Body-Penalty
§ 1163. Opening Grave or Place of Burial-Penalty
§ 1164. Lawful Authorization to Remove Remains of Bodies
§ 1165. Penalty for Attachment of Dead Body
§ 1166. Penalty for Disturbing or Interrupting Funeral
§ 1167. Punishment for Destruction or Removal of Tomb, Gravestone or other Cemetery Ornament
§ 1168. Definitions
§ 1168.1. Penalty for Buying or Selling Human Skeletal Remains for Profit
§ 1168.2. Institution's and Museum's Duty to Consult Tribal Leaders or Others before Final Disposition of Remains
§ 1168.3. Punishment for Display of Open Burial Ground, Furniture or Remains for Profit
§ 1168.4. Duty to Report Discovered Remains-Penalty for Failure to Report-Persons to Notify
§ 1168.5. Designation of Repository for Unclaimed Remains for Scientific Purposes
§ 1168.6. Penalty and Fine
§ 1168.7. Government Agencies Discovery of Remains-Duties
§ 1169. Promulgation of Rules Relating to the Disposition of Human Tissue

For complete statutes including the Funeral Service Licensing Act and Crematories please go to the Oklahoma State Courts Network.

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