21 Best Chicago Funeral Homes (2021)

Finding Chicago funeral homes can be difficult after the loss of a loved one. There is no way to avoid the inevitability of death.  Despite this, the feeling of pain and mourning that accompanies a bereavement can be overwhelming.  The immediate passing of a loved one can be a confusing and distressing period, regardless of whether a death is expected or sudden.  This is a time to seek comfort and assistance from those that are nearest to you.  The support of close confidants is highly recommended to assist you with navigating the immediate and necessary decisions that follow a bereavement.


Chicago Funeral Homes

Chicago has an extensive range of afterlife services including funeral homes, crematoriums, and cemeteries.  A funeral director will be able to assist with arranging transportation, a memorial service, and any necessary legal documentation required for when an individual dies in the city of Chicago or the state of Illinois.    

Funeral services allow you, your family, and your friends a chance to collectively express your grief and celebrate the life of the departed.  If you are an organized person, consider taking the financial and emotional stress away from those you will leave behind.  Most funeral homes offer a pre-payment plan in which you may pay or arrange your entire after-life care.  There is a broad array of services and associated costs depending on how you would like to memorialize the passing. 

Funeral homes and cremation services offer more than simply burial or cremation services; they will be able to assist you through the emotional process of saying goodbye to your loved one including filing necessary authorizations, securing the death certificate, obtaining certified copies and explaining any other legal protocols.  It is important to be honest about your budget and think about the wishes of the deceased before you plan any services.  Remember that the amount you spend on a funeral is not directly related to the amount that you care or that others care for you.

We have put together a list of some of the best funeral homes and afterlife services in the diverse and multi-cultural city of Chicago.      

In the case of a death in the city of Chicago, we recommend that you have the following information for the deceased available:

  • Birth Date
  • Birthplace
  • Father’s Name
  • Mother’s Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Veteran’s Discharge or Claim Number – if applicable
  • Education
  • Marital Status

Most Affordable Funeral Services in Chicago

Affordable Funeral Services, Chicago

Cruz-Sojka Funeral Home

  • 1427 W Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642
  • Phone: 1-312-666-2673
  • Fax: 1-312-733-5391
  • Email: wlsfh30@yahoo.com
  • Web: www.cruz-sojkafh.com

Independently owned since 1954, Cruz-Sojka Funeral Home will provide personal and affordable afterlife services including funerals and cremations.  The professional staff will be available to help you properly remember your loved one. 

Editors Review: Speak to Cruiz-Sojka Funeral Home about arranging low monthly payments for funeral arrangements in order to ease the financial worry associated with sudden bereavement.

 Affordable Cremations

 Affordable Cremations Chicago Funeral Homes

Affordable Cremations offer exactly what their name describes, yet with the care and respect deserving of the deceased.  Direct cremation packages start for as little as $895 including cremation permit, a certified copy of the death certificate, cremation with the container, and a temporary container for cremated remains.  Payment options are available to ease the financial burden associated with loss.

Editors Review: A wide range of memorial jewelry and urns are available for purchase.  If you are interested in a no-fuss, professional, and caring service, then this is the choice for you.  Reviews show that this family-run business may be affordable, yet still provide an excellent service.

Best Independent Funeral Homes in Chicago

Independent Funeral Homes, Chicago

Muzyka & Son Funeral Home

  • 5776 West Lawrence Avenue, Chicago, IL 60630
  • Phone: 1-773-545-3800
  • Email: info@muzykafuneralhome.com
  • Web: www.muzykafuneralhome.com

Muzyka & Son Funeral Home have been in the funeral business since 1915.  For over 100 years, this business has been locally operated and family-owned.  The Muzyka & Son hearse was actually a horse and buggy before their first car was purchased in 1919.  This business is a part of Chicago history and now is operational with the 4th generation of Muzyka funeral directors.  Despite their extensive past, Muzyka is innovative and offers Flameless Cremation; a service that uses water instead of fire for accelerated decomposition. This revolutionary cremation process has been used since 2006 and is much better for the environment than traditional fire cremation by using 85% less energy and having no harmful emissions.

Editors Review: Alkaline hydrolysis, or flameless cremation, is the future.  This innovative process provides an environmentally gentle cremation option, while still having ash remains to memorialize.  Illinois is actually one of the few states which currently allows alkaline hydrolysis and we hope that other states quickly follow their lead.

Michalik Funeral Home

Muzyka & Son Funeral Home Chicago

  • 1056 West Chicago Avenue, Chicago IL 60642
  • Phone: 1-312-421-0936
  • Fax: 1-312-421-0268
  • Email: michalikfh@aol.com
  • Web: www.michalikfuneralhome.com

Michalik Funeral Home is another long-standing pillar of the Chicago Business community.  For almost 100 years, the Michalik family has been offering comfort and caring to downtown Chicago families by offering a chapel and supervised parking.  The 3rd generation of Michalik funeral directors is just as empathetic and professional as the predecessors which are exemplified in their five-star reviews.

Editors Review:  The outstanding reviews for Michalik Funeral Home showcase that this family is still one of the best in the Chicago funeral business.  Compassionate, understanding, and kind are words used time and time again to describe their service.

Grein Funeral Directors

Grein Funeral Directors Chicago Funeral Homes

Grein Funeral Directors aim to exceed your expectations by offering compassionate choices to honor every life.  The noteworthy building was constructed in the 1930s and Grein has the only known art deco chapel in the United States.  Packages start from as low as $1800 which includes immediate burial without ceremony, with a flat top cloth-covered casket.  This package includes the removal of remains, local transportation to the cemetery, the necessary services of staff, and all authorizations.

Editors Review:  The funeral business in Chicago is held in high esteem by multi-generational funeral directors and Grein is no different.  Reviews will attest to their professional and gentle manner during your time of need.

Burton – E.W.  Calahan Funeral Home

Burton - E.W.  Calahan Funeral Home Chicago

Proudly locally owned and operated, Burton -E.W. Calahan Funeral Home promises to provide exceptional service to all faiths, denominations, cultures and nationalities.  They understand that when you have experienced the loss of a loved one, you need to entrust a professional to guide you through this stressful time and provide a ceremony that celebrates the unique life being honored.  Make it their goal to lighten your burden as you take the first steps toward healing.
Editors Review:  Burton – E.W. Calahan is the only known funeral home with African American funeral directors in the Chicagoland area.  Speak to them about providing a unique and compassionate service and to help you through a difficult time after suffering the loss of a loved one.

John Rago Sons Funeral Home & Cremation Services

John Rago Sons Funeral Home & Cremation Services Chicago Funeral Homes

  • 721 North Western Avenue (at Superior Street) Chicago, IL 60612
  • Phone: 1-773-276-6056
  • Fax: 1-773-276-7107
  • Email: ragosons@gmail.com
  • Web: www.ragosons.com

Since 1911, John Rao Sons Funeral Home & Cremation Services have been servicing Chicagoland by offering unparalleled compassion and care and are now supported by the 4th Rago generation.  Speak to them about planning and financing your own funeral arrangements to ease the emotional and financial stress on your loved ones left behind.

Editors Review:  Pets are part of the family at John Rago Sons Funeral Home & Cremation Services.  Speak to them about their pet cremation services and memorial jewelry.

Lakeview Funeral Home

Lakeview Funeral Home Chicago

Lakeview Funeral Home is family owned and operated and has been serving Chicago since 1882.  The staff is dedicated to providing caring service before, during and after the funeral service.  There is a valid reason that this business has been a pillar of the Chicago community for two centuries.

Editors Review:  Funerals and memorial services should be an inclusive time for all loved ones to mourn a passing.  Recent renovations at Lakeview Funeral Home include wheelchair accessibility throughout the facility as well as a special ‘kids room’ with TV, games, artist corner, and a fish tank.

Michael Coletta Sons, LTD Funeral Home

Michael Coletta Sons, LTD Funeral Home Chicago

Michael Coletta Sons have been serving Chicago since 1908 and now has the 4th generation of funeral directors providing respectful and compassionate afterlife care.  Traditional viewings, pre-planning arrangements, cremations, and unique ceremonies are all part of the quality service that residents have grown to expect from Michael Coletta Sons.

Richard-Midway Funeral Home

Richard-Midway Funeral Home Chicago

  • 544 West 31st Street, Chicago, IL 60616
  • Phone: 1-773-767-1840
  • Fax: 1-773-767-9410
  • Email: richardmidwayfh@hotmail.com
  • Web: www.richardmidwayfh.com

Since 1946, Richard-Midway Funeral Home has been offering the city of Chicago a full-service funeral that meets the unique needs of each grieving family.  They are committed to not only ensuring that your loved one is respected but also in providing the support, assistance, and guidance that you expect and deserve.

Editors Review:  The five-star reviews for Rich-Midway Funeral Home attest to their caring and professional manner.  Reviewers state that they would give ten stars for service if it was possible.

Pomierski Funeral Home

Pomierski Funeral Home Chicago

Pomierski Funeral Home is yet another funeral home in Chicago that has stood the test of time.  Founded in 1918, this business has been serving the community for three generations with dedicated, professional staff available at all hours of the day.  Let Pomierski take away the stress and uncertainty involved with arranging your loved one’s final goodbye.

Parkside Chapels & Cremation Services 

Parkside Chapels & Cremation Services - Chicago Funeral Homes

  • 5948 Archer Avenue, Chicago, IL 60638
  • Phone: 1-773-767-9788
  • Fax: 1-773-767-9772
  • Email: mail@parksidechapels.com
  • Web: www.parksidechapels.com

Parkside Chapels & Cremation Services understand that when you are planning a service, there are many options available to you and make it their mission to do all in their capacity to provide you with a beautiful and respectful ceremony.  Funeral, burial, memorial, and cremation services are on offer as well as pre-planning assistance.

Best Faith-Based Funeral Homes in Chicago

Christian Funeral Home

Christian Funeral Home Chicago

The care and professional attention offered at Christian Funeral Home will provide a lasting tribute to your loved one.  Let them help you through the many decisions required during this stressful time.  They are always available, day or night, any day of the week.

Editors Review: A dedicated children’s room, complete with games, toys, and coloring areas will help to ease the stress of planning a funeral when you also have other family responsibilities.

Chicago Jewish Funerals

Chicago Jewish Funerals Homes

  • 851 Skokie Blvd, Skokie, IL 60077 OR
  • 195 N. Buffalo Grove Rd, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
  • Phone: 1-847-229-8822
  • Email:
  • Web: www.chicagojewishfunerals.com

Chicago Jewish Funerals made a promise to the Jewish community and intend to keep providing highly personal funeral services that are sensitive to Jewish customs and traditions.  This independently-owned business allows will be able to respond to the unique needs and requests of each of their treasured families.

Muslim Funeral Services

Muslim Funeral Services Chicago Funeral Homes

Muslim Funeral Services have been offering services to the Muslim community of Chicago for over ten years.  They are able to provide approved means and methods of burial, and have linkages throughout the city for washing stations and Muslim cemetery burial plots.

Best Funeral Home and Cemetery in Chicago

Chapel Hill Gardens South Funeral Home & Cemetery

Chapel Hill Gardens South Funeral Home & Cemetery Chicago

Chapel Hill Gardens South Funeral Home & Cemetery offers flexible event space with a large reception area and a coffee lounge.  The staff is fluent in both English and Spanish and the cemetery plots available include a specified veteran’s section.  Beautifully tended cremation gardens are on-site to be your loved one’s final resting place.

Best Chain Funeral and Cremation Services

Asian Funeral Services, LLC

Asian Funeral Services, LLC Chicago Funeral Homes

  • 3918 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL 60618 OR
  • 625 Busse Hwy, Park Ridge, IL 60068 OR

Asian Funeral Services, LLC have three locations to serve the greater Chicago Asian community.  Services include online memorials, tribute videos, flowers, grief support, and the arrangement of funeral fund donations.  Funeral services are designed to meet the specific requirements of each individual family by providing an array of options to suit your needs and budget.

Smith & Thomas Funeral Homes, INC.
5708 W Madison St Chicago – Madison, IL 60644

Smith & Thomas Funeral Homes, INC.

Smith & Thomas Funeral Homes, INC has been in business for over thirty years, which makes them relative newcomers to the funeral business in Chicago compared with many others on our list.  The directors know that a funeral or service is one of the last times that you will have to honor your loved one and intend to use their experience to ensure that this is a special occasion.

Editors Review:  Smith & Thomas Funeral Homes, INC is linked with Johnson’s Funeral Home and S&T on 2nd Avenue.  We recommend that you call the location nearest to you.

Johnson’s Funeral Home

Johnson's Funeral Home Chicago

  • 5838 West Division, Chicago – Division, IL 60651
  • Phone: 1-773-287-3891
  • Fax: 1-773-287-3890
  • Email: johnson8204@yahoo.com
  • Web: www.smithandthomas.com

S&T on 2nd Avenue

Faith Based Funeral Homes, Chicago

  • 212 North 2nd Avenue, Maywood, IL 60153
  • Phone: 1-708-216-0199
  • Fax: 1-708-216-0091
  • Email: johnson8204@yahoo.com
  • Web: www.smithandthomas.com

Central Chapels Funeral & Cremation 

Central Chapels Funeral & Cremation - Chicago Funeral Homes

  • 6158 South Central Avenue, Chicago, IL 60638
  • Phone: 1-773-581-9000
  • Email: care@chapelc.com
  • Web: www.chapelc.com

Central Chapels Funeral & Cremation embraces traditional values as well as the diversity of each family and the innovation needed to truly honor and remember each individual.  They offer a full selection of funeral, memorial and burial services as well as cremation options and ceremonies with a celebrant.  Entrust them to design a fitting and customized memorial.

Editors Review:  Central Chapels also understand the grief involved with losing a pet and therefore offer a dedicated Pet Undertaker who is available to answer all of your questions and provide exceptional, kind service to memorialize your beloved companion.

Frequently Asked Questions about funeral homes in Chicago

If someone dies in Chicago, do they need to be embalmed?

In Chicago and the state of Illinois, there are no requirements to be embalmed.  In addition, the state does not stipulate a timeframe within which you must dispose of the deceased’s remains.

Am I allowed to spread ashes of a deceased in Chicago?
In Chicago, and the state of Illinois, cremated remains or ashes may be spread in a cemetery or designated section of land owned by the Department of Natural Resources or on private property of a consenting owner.

Can I bury someone in a homemade casket in Chicago?

Yes.  It is a federal law that all funeral homes must allow the deceased to be buried in an appropriate casket, regardless of whether it was purchased from another retailer or funeral home if it was made at home.  In the state of Illinois, there is no law that requires a casket at all; however, cemeteries may have their own rules about the type of container.

Can someone be eligible for Military Funeral Honors (MFH) in Chicago?

A deceased individual is eligible for Military Funeral Honors (MFH) in Chicago if:

  • The deceased was on active duty or in the Selective Reserve
  • The deceased was a former military member who served on active duty and departed under conditions other than dishonorable
  • The deceased was a former military member who completed at least one term of enlistment or period of initial obligated service in the Selected Reserve and departed under conditions other than dishonorable
  • The deceased was a former military member discharged from the Selected Reserve due to a disability incurred or aggravated in the line of duty
  • The deceased was a member of the Commissioned Officer Corps of the Public Health Service (PHS) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, as members of a Uniformed Service

How can I check if a deceased person is eligible for Military Funeral Honors in Chicago?

A funeral home should be able to assist you with checking if a deceased person is eligible for Military Funeral Honors (MFH) in Chicago.  You may need the following information:

  • DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty
  • If the DD Form 214 is not available, any discharge document showing other than dishonorable service can be used
  • The DD Form 214 may be obtained by filling out a Standard Form 180 and sending it to National Personnel Records Center (NPRC), 9700 Page Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63132

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