Top 5 Funeral Homes in Albany, Georgia (2020)

When you ask the hotel concierge for the local attractions, I’ll bet you don’t ask to see the five star funeral homes.  But if you need to be in Albany, Georgia, for this somber purpose, we’ve got you covered.  Situated on the Flint River in the heart of the deep south, Albany exhibits the very best of southern tradition, including hospitality, and an abiding sense of community.

Here are the top five proprietors who will cater to the needs of our current online circumstances, respect the dignity and individuality of your loved one, and make you feel like part of their own extended family.  The spirit of these proprietors is one of compassion and love, and their philosophies can be summed up in the edict, “Love others as you love yourself.”  Carefully selected for their COVID-19 readiness, genuine sense of empathy, and emphasis on celebrating the unique personality of each life that passes through their doors, we would recommend anyone of these fine facilities. Without further ado, here are the Top 5 Funeral Homes in Albany, Georgia.

Note: All estimated costs are in USD

1. Poteat-Wakefield Funeral Directors in Albany

Poteat-Wakefield Funeral Directors, Albany

Jeffery Wakefield and his family have made it their life’s mission to honor the individuality of every soul who passes through their doors.  They aim to accomplish this by ensuring that each service respects the customs of every religion, and creating personalized video tributes and memorials.  And products such as clothing, caskets, and urns, are offered to fit within every budget.  However, the empathy and extraordinary effort taken to ease the emotional stress of the day for families, is anything but individualistic.  The Wakefields recognize that at a time like this, details and logistics are the last thing you should be worrying about, so they take care of these for you, extending services like the domestic and international shipping of remains, and out of town accommodation arrangements for family and friends. 

Poteat-Wakefield is a proprietor who sincerely wants to walk this difficult path alongside you, and ensure that your loved one is honored according to their final wishes. They are a funeral home located in Albany, Georgia between Cedar Avenue and the 234.

Funeral Home Details:


  • Basic Services: $1340
  • Funeral Ceremony: $275
  • Viewing/Visitation: $275
  • Transfer of Remains: $100
  • Embalming: $695
  • Total Estimated Cost: $5335

Funeral and Cremation Services, Pre-arrangements, Video Tributes, Veteran’s Services, Grief Support, & more. 

2. Meadows Funeral Home in Albany, Georgia

Meadows funeral Home, Albany

The Meadows family builds a strong personal report with each of their clients, allowing them to anticipate their every need.  Myriad accounts confirm that with every new client, they add another square to the quilt of their own extended family.  With a focus on the importance of pre-planning, Meadows encourages you to think of preparing for your last celebration the way you would a wedding or anniversary ceremony. They give you the ease of mind that comes with knowing that when your family are already struggling with loss, they won’t have the additional emotional pressure of organizing these final logistics.  They are also sensitive to the way in which financial debt translates to emotional debt, and accordingly provide some of the best rates in Albany.   

Described by their clients as beautiful, loving people who have the utmost respect for their wishes and follow them to a tee, Meadows Funeral Home will walk alongside you every step of the way. This funeral home in Albany, Georgia is located between Highland Street and Madison Stree.

Funeral Home Details:


  • Basic Services: $995
  • Dressing and Casketing: $150
  • Transfer of Remains: $145
  • Embalming: $685
  • Total Estimated Cost: $4475

Pre-need Arrangements, Limousine and Transport Services, Funeral Program Design and Printing, & more. 

3. Kimbrell-Stern Funeral Directors in Albany

Kimbrell Stern Funeral, Albany

When you visit Kimbrell-Stern’s website, you would be forgiven for thinking you’ve accidentally stumbled upon a design firm.  That’s because these proprietors believe that each life they celebrate is part of an intricate master plan and deserves to be honored accordingly.  Celebrate the sports fan with a tailgate party or the strategist with one last chess match played in their honor.  Knowing the smile a cherished memory can bring, they suggest you share a little piece of your loved one with family and friends, by distributing their collection of teddy bears or fishing lures. 

Serving Albany’s residents since 1880, Kimbrell-Stern has evolved with the times, encouraging you to reach for the stars – literally.  Because why conclude the event with the conventional when you can instead send your space enthusiast up to spend eternity amongst the stars?  If you are looking for an innovative way to say good-bye, look no further than this fine facility who truly knows how to honor each unique life. This funeral home in Albany, Georgia is located between Dawson Road and Edgewood Lane.

Funeral Home Details:


  • Basic Services: $2891
  • Funeral Ceremony: $190
  • Viewing/Visitation: $356
  • Transfer of Remains: $360
  • Embalming: $670
  • Total Estimated Cost: $7117
  • Funeral and Cremation Services, Veteran’s Services, Permanent Memorialization, Flowers and Gifts, & more. 

4. Matthews Funeral Home in Albany, Georgia

The proprietors and staff at Matthews Funeral Home are sensitive to the pandemic age we currently find ourselves living in.  Having a front-row seat to the emotional toll taken on surviving family members only being compounded by necessary social distancing measures, their website enables you to plan every detail from the comfort of your home.  Thoughtful touches include direct links to the Social Security Administration and Veterans Administration (VA).  The authentic compassion of Mike and Gary Matthews shines through in the conscientiousness and sixth sense they display in arranging for every minute detail so that each life is fittingly honored. 

When you are naturally in distress, clients agree that the professional and understanding staff at Matthews will take care of you.  And what could be more comforting than that? This funeral home in Albany, Georgia is conveniently located between Gillionville Road and Westover Boulevard.

Funeral Home Details:


  • Basic Services: $2945
  • Funeral Ceremony: $500
  • Viewing/Visitation: $400
  • Transfer of Remains: $275
  • Embalming: $755
  • Total Estimated Cost: $7525

Funeral and Memorial Services, Veteran’s Services, Vital ICE Emergency Platform, Government Resources, & more. 

5. Hall & Hall Funeral Home: Streaming celebrations of life across the globe

Joseph and Leigh Jones realize that the new normal propelled by COVID-19 precautions has only revealed the shortcomings of traditionally offered services.  Social Distancing regulations are not the only reason why a friend or family member may be unable to honor a loved one, so they are proud to provide live or delayed webcasting services.  This allows those who are distant, ill, or serving our country in the military to join with family and friends in celebrating a life they held dear.  And for those attending non-virtually, they are more than willing to offer services of any creed and religious background at the chapel, graveside, or even your home.  Personalized touches include high quality stationary with themes representing the personality being honored, and life tribute videos with treasured tunes and photographs. 

You will be treated with genuine love and compassion at Hall & Hall Funeral Home.

Funeral Home Details:


  • Basic Services: $2270
  • Funeral Ceremony: $325
  • Viewing/Visitation: $275
  • Transfer of Remains: $175
  • Embalming: $600

Total Estimated Cost: $6295 Memorial Service Options, Veteran’s Services, Live and Delayed Webcasting, Personalized Gifts, & more.

Conclusion for Top 5 Funeral Homes in Albany, Georgia

Finding a funeral home is tough because you have to do lots of research and death may be a sudden occurrence. Luckily, our list provides you with the Top 5 funeral homes in Albany, Georgia based on our own independent research. We’ve scoured the internet reading reviews and researching the best funeral homes to help you make an informed decision on where you hold your funeral services.

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