6 Best Funeral Homes in Beaumont, Texas (2021)

Searching for funeral homes in Beaumont, Texas is never an easy task. Families and loved ones already wracked with emotion and grief often find themselves feeling overwhelmed when faced with having to plan services. Often, the deceased will plan in advance and give their loved ones a guideline for the type of service they’d like, but too often families find themselves starting from scratch. In cases like these, local funeral homes can provide a sense of support and care to funeral service planning.

Beaumont, Texas is a city that values work, culture, and community. A historic town dating all the way back to 1838, Beaumont originally served as a town of cattle farmers and ranchers. Later, it became a mill city, and its strategically-located port meant that it played a major part in providing materials for the country’s railroad construction.

Today, Beaumont combines modern life with the values of the old South: community, tradition, and family. Where community and family are valued, services like funerals are guaranteed to be personal, meaningful affairs. Read on to learn about the 6 best funeral homes in Beaumont, TX.

1. Mercy Funeral Home Beaumont Texas

Mercy Funeral Home

Mercy Funeral Home has served Beaumont since the late 1950s. They take pride in serving their community and helping families in need. Mercy’s focus seems to be a celebration of life – in the past, this meant offering pink hearses and limousines in addition to traditional black!

Mercy Funeral Home offers online arrangements for those who would like to avoid the environment of a funeral home. They offer immediate need planning by appointment as well as preplanning for those who would like to take the burden off their loved ones. Mercy also offers a unique casket personalization tool, through which loved ones or individuals can customize caskets to express the deceased’s individuality. In addition, they offer custom merchandise, such as custom cremains vessels, embroidered keepsakes, and more to commemorate the deceased.


Mercy Funeral Home lists their basic pricing (for services of funeral director and staff) at $1,595. They also list basic embalming at $795. Extras include custom caskets and keepsakes, plus service packages.

Funeral Home Details:

2. Forest Lawn Funeral Home Texas

Forest Lawn Funeral Home

Forest Lawn Funeral Home is a large-scale facility that offers endless personalization for those planning a funeral service. Their event space is large and available for non-funeral related events, allowing it to be customized to provide families with any service imaginable. Focusing on the celebration of life, Forest Lawn offers catered events, tribute video production, cremains jewelry, and one-on-one consultations. They also offer arrangements by phone, email, or via their website.

A subsidiary of Dignity Memorial, Forest Lawn Funeral Home is not family-owned and operated; however, being a part of a larger network of funeral homes means that Forest Lawn can offer an extremely varied and flexible range of options for families who want to give their loved ones a truly unique service.


Forest Lawn Funeral Home offers pricing upon consultation. They offer flexible and customizable arrangements for a truly unique service. They also offer payment plans for those who cannot pay upfront.

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3. Broussard’s Mortuary Beaumont Texas

Broussard’s Mortuary

Broussard’s Mortuary was founded in 1889 and has served Beaumont for five generations. They have expanded through the Beaumont area and serve the community at two different locations in the city. Thanks to this, their business is streamlined and remains traditional, but not dated. Broussard offers cremation services, service preplanning, and continuing grief counseling for families and loved ones of the deceased. In line with their dedication to their community, Broussard’s works only with local florists and provides a list of these businesses on their website. They take pride in doing whatever is possible to customize services to celebrate the deceased, including providing keepsakes with almost every funeral service package they offer.

Broussard’s most basic service package includes a newspaper and website posting and a custom keepsake print and video. They also assume the responsibility of filing the death certificate, notifying Social Security, providing any notary services, and arranging continuing care and grief counseling services.


Broussard’s lists their basic pricing at $2,912 for funeral service, including the items listed above. They list an embalming fee of $996 and any other preparation of the deceased at $225. Broussard’s charges a fee to harbor unembalmed remains at $135 a day.

Funeral Home Details:

  • 1st Address: Broussard’s Mortuary, 2000 McFaddin Ave, Beaumont TX 77701
  • Phone: 409-832-1621
  • 2nd Address: 1605 N. Major Dr, Beaumont TX
  • Phone: 409-866-3838
  • Website: Broussard’s Mortuary Beaumont Texas

4. Comeaux Community Funeral Chapel Texas

Comeaux Community Funeral Chapel

Comeaux Community Funeral Chapel has served the Beaumont community since the late 1970s. Their values lay in community and family, taking care to provide respectful, traditional services. They are committed to supporting families and loved ones while doing the utmost to memorialize the deceased in a truly meaningful way.

Comeaux provides a lot of information on preplanned services, highlighting their usefulness for those who are facing terminal illness or for those who want to eliminate the funeral planning burden for their loved ones. They allow virtual submission of arrangements and provide online obituaries for all families they serve.


Comeaux Community Funeral Chapel offers pricing upon consultation. They offer traditional services, including in-facility services in their chapel.

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5. Cavalry Mortuary Beaumont Texas

Cavalry Mortuary

Cavalry Mortuary has served the Beaumont area for over 40 years. In that time, they have focused on family support and truly personalized service. They are available 24 hours a day to help any and all grieving individuals in need of organizing funeral services. Cavalry’s facility focuses on traditional, peaceful spaces for families to gather and honor those who have passed. Like many other community funeral homes, Cavalry encourages those planning services or purchasing flowers to patronize local florists rather than larger companies.

Cavalry Mortuary offers online planning and preplanning. They also serve as an insurance company, ensuring ease for those who need to organize a will or estate while also planning a service for themselves. By offering these services, Cavalry simplifies part of the death planning process.


Cavalry Mortuary offers pricing upon consultation. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on call.

Funeral Home Details:

6. Proctor’s Mortuary Beaumont

Cavalry Mortuary

Proctor’s Mortuary prides itself on its openness with potential clients. They encourage those seeking to make arrangements to explore their options in order to find the right establishment for their needs. By placing more value on grieving families than business, Proctor stands out as a truly caring, supportive local funeral home.

Proctor Mortuary offers comfortable, quiet facilities, both for consultation and services, ensuring the most supportive experience possible. Included for every client are an online obituary and an online death notice with arrangement details.

In line with their commitment to transparency, Proctor lists their offerings on their website. Casket and vault options, service options, and more are easily accessed through their information-filled site. Their traditional funeral services are a complete package, including viewing and cemetery arrangements. They also offer several alternative options, including cremation, immediate unembalmed burial, and memorial services. They also offer special arrangements for veterans.


Proctor Mortuary offers pricing upon consultation. They offer burial and cremation services in addition to funeral services and offer pre-arranged services for those looking to preplan for themselves.

Address and Contact Information:

Conclusion For Funeral Homes In Beaumont, Texas

Planning a funeral can be difficult and emotional, but these 6 providers strive to make the experience as pain-free as possible. Overwhelmingly family-owned, they offer support for families and understand Beaumont’s tight-knit sense of community. From traditional to modern, Beaumont’s funeral homes serve a variety of sensibilities for the most personalized funeral service possible.

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