6 Best Funeral Homes in Columbus, Ohio (2020)

Browsing through dozens of funeral homes in Columbus, Ohio can sometimes be difficult after the loss of a loved one.

At a time of loss, planning a funeral service can be a difficult process whether you have organized a service before or it’s your first time.

We have compiled a list of the best funeral homes in Columbus, Ohio that can help you create a personalized tribute for your loved one.

The best 6 funeral homes in Columbus, Ohio are:

1. Edwards Funeral Service

Edward service, Funeral Homes In Columbus, Ohio

Edwards Funeral Service offers a wide variety of services that can be customized to suit your family’s needs and wants. They have a range of funeral products such as 3D crystal tributes, cremation jewelry pendant, urns, and flowers.

For families who require financial assistance, Edwards Funeral Service has partnered with LendingUSA to enable families to contribute low monthly payments for their loved one’s farewell.


  • Direct Cremation Discount Package – $599 (Franklin County Only)
  • Simple Direct Cremation with no service- $999
  • Memorial Service – $1,695
  • Simple Direct Aquamation – Total Package – $1,995
  • Full-service Aquamation – Total Package – $3,695
  • Traditional Funeral Packages – Starts at $4495
  • Address: 1166 Parsons Avenue, Columbus OH 43206
  • Phone: 1-614-444-3200
  • Email: director@edwardsfuneralservice.com
  • Website: www.edwardsfuneralservice.com

Editor’s Review:

Edward’s funeral service was heaven-sent. My fiance passed away suddenly and it was my first time dealing with organizing a farewell. They helped me in getting the paperwork done and getting everything set for the farewell despite the shifting circumstances. I would recommend them to anyone in need of their services in Columbus, Ohio. – Matthew M.

2. Diehl-Whittaker Funeral Service

Diehl-Whittaker Funeral Service, Columbus

Since 1905, Diehl-Whittaker Funeral Service has provided care for those who have passed on while caring for the family members who remain. They have built a standard of simplified processes and affordable package pricing that many families in Columbus, Ohio have trusted for over 100 years.

They offer pre-planning services, personalized funerals, cremation, earth burial, and memorial services. The elegant, inviting, and warm atmosphere in their facilities, spearheaded by their trained staff, helps families find comfort in the difficult journey.

For families who want a little extra time to pay for their services, they have set up the tribute payment plan. The application takes an average of 2 minutes and does not affect the credit score.


  • Basic Burial Package – $3,950
  • Immediate Cremation – $1,995
  • Immediate Cremation with Memorial Service – $2,095
  • Traditional Funeral Service followed by Cremation – $3,750
  • Address: 720 East Long Street, Columbus, OH 43203
  • Phone: (614) 350-6297
  • Email: directors@diehl-whittaker.com
  • Website: www.diehl-whittaker.com

Editor’s Review:

Diehl Whittaker skillfully took care of all the aspects of my father’s service from preparing his body, walkthrough visitation to the funeral. My family was very pleased. Everything was done via Zoom due to COVID-19 and there were no surprises at the service. Ingrid and her team were kind, professional, and empathetic as we mourned the loss of our loved one. It is comforting to know that Diehl Whittaker was there for us at our lowest point. My family highly recommends Diehl Whittaker Funeral Services. – Deby M.

3. Shaw Davis Funeral Home & Cremation Services

Shaw Davis Funeral Home, Columbus

Shaw Davis Funeral Home & Cremation Services is the first family-owned and operated funeral service in Columbus, Ohio. It was founded in 1907 with the strong belief that every family should be able to plan a lasting tribute to their loved ones without breaking the bank.

Since then, Shaw Davis Funeral Home & Cremation Services has helped families in Columbus Ohio to customize the service they want with the budget they have.

The funeral service has two locations; The Short North Chapel which is the anchor of the business, and The Clintonville Chapel which is only available by appointment.

Shaw Davis Funeral Home offers multiple burial and cremation packages as well as pre-planning and after-care services. They are open 24/7 and always available on email and phone.


  • Direct Burial – $995
  • Graveside Services – $1575
  • Cremation – packages start at $675


  • The Short North Chapel – 34 West 2nd Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201
  • The Clintonville Chapel – 4341 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43214


  • The Short North Chapel – (614) 299-4155
  • The Clintonville Chapel – (614) 262-2600

Email: support@shaw-davis.com

Website: www.shaw-davis.com

Editor’s Review:

My family and I are so glad we called on Shaw-Davis Funeral Services. They were professional and did not try to up-sell us or charge obscene amounts for their services. All the staff was great but we came to know and appreciate Alena the best. She was considerate, kind, and very helpful in choosing service items and the right words for a memorial plaque. We would recommend Shaw-Davis Funeral Services and especially Alena to anyone. – Jim V.

4. Marlan Gary Funeral Home

Marlan Gary Funeral Home

Famously known as the chapel of peace, Marlan Gary Funeral Home knows there is no good time to have a funeral and takes extra care to ensure everyone’s desires are met.

Marlan Gary Funeral Home sets itself apart by giving families the option to either have arrangements at their home or their facilities in Columbus, Ohio. Either way, the funeral home ensures that each family is satisfied and pleased with their arrangements by going over and above the call of duty.

Their facilities are spacious, comfortable, and accessible for family members who are physically disabled for both their North and East chapels.

They offer pre-planning, burial, graveside, and cremation services according to packages. If a family is not comfortable with a certain package, they have the option to select their preferred services line by line.


  • Burial Packages – Start at $3,905
  • Direct Cremation Packages – Start at $1,375


  • The North Chapel – 2500 Cleveland Avenue., Columbus, OH 43211
  • The East Chapel – 5456 Livingston Avenue, Columbus, OH 43232


  • The North Chapel – (614) 267-8310
  • The East Chapel – (614) 604-8774

Email: thechapelofpeace@aol.com

Website: www.thechapelofpeace.com

Editor’s Review:

Marlan Gary (Funeral Director), Thank you for your help and professionalism during the loss of our Donald. It is so thoughtful of you to personally bring the death certificates and present our Roland with a bible. He has been reading it ever since. We are grateful – Reid. F

5. Jerry Spears Funeral Home

Jerry Spears Funeral Home

Jerry Spears Funeral Home strives to offer quality care without the expense. The family-owned and run funeral home has garnered a reputation of excellence and professionalism in funeral services since 1928.

They offer state of the art facilities for counseling, funeral service, cremation services, arrangement conferences, and viewing for all faiths. They pride themselves on providing a meaningful service that memorializes the unique life lived by your loved one.

For families who would like a flexible payment schedule, Jerry Spears Funeral Home offers funeral financing in partnership with LendingUSA. Families can secure affordable monthly payments with 0% interest rate if paid in full in 6 months.


  • Burial Services – $5,545 with a viewing, $5,195 with no viewing
  • Cremation Service – $3,195 with viewing, $2,245 with no viewing

Editor’s Review:

My family and I are very pleased with the funeral service handled by Jerry Spears Funeral Home. The staff went above and beyond to ensure we were comfortable with everything. We couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you. – Judith T.

6. Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Services 

Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Services

Schoedinger Funeral and Cremation Services think of their job in two folds: physical and emotional. The physical being the entombments and burials. The emotional referring to working with families to design healing experiences in peaceful and intimate settings.

The full funeral home service provider strives to provide memorable and cost-effective services for their clients. They offer personalized funeral and memorial services, veterans services, pet services, burial services, cremation services, honoring the life, and permanent memorialization.

They have 6 locations in Columbus, Ohio namely Schoedinger Midtown Chapel, The Northwest Chapel, Schoedinger East Chapel, Schoedinger North Chapel, Heart, and Hope Hilltop Chapel, and Heart and Hope Linden


  • Burial Services – $6,260 with a viewing, $5,815 with no viewing
  • Cremation Service – $3,730 with viewing, $2,510 with no viewing


  • Midtown Chapel – 229 East State Street, Columbus, OH 43215
  • The Northwest Chapel – 1740 Zollinger Road, Columbus, OH 43221
  • East Chapel – 5360 East Livingston Ave., Columbus, OH 43232
  • North Chapel – 5554 Karl Road, Columbus, OH 43229
  • Heart & Hope Hilltop- 3030 West Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43204
  • Heart and Hope Linden – 2741 Cleveland Ave., Columbus, OH 43224


  • Midtown Chapel – (614) 224- 6105
  • The Northwest Chapel – (614) 457- 5481
  • East Chapel – (614) 861-6268
  • North Chapel – (614) 436-9220
  • Heart and Hope Hilltop – (614) 279-8675
  • Heart and Hope Linden – (614) 267- 8363


  • Midtown Chapel – midtown@schoedinger.com
  • The Northwest Chapel – northwest@schoedinger.com
  • East Chapel – east@schoedinger.com
  • North Chapel – north@schoedinger.com
  • Heart and Hope Hilltop – hilltop@schoedinger.com
  • Heart and Hope Linden – clevelandavenue@schoedinger.com

Website: www.schoedinger.com

Editor’s Review:

After speaking with numerous funeral homes in the area, Jon at Schoedinger East understood exactly what I wanted on the first call and answered all my questions and silly requests. He was so caring, calm, and had an empathetic demeanor that reflected across their entire staff. They took care of my mother with dignity and respect. Amazing grace indeed. Thank you. – Sandy A.

Conclusion for Best Funeral Homes in Columbus, Ohio

Funeral Homes in Columbus, Ohio

Losing a loved one is a difficult grieving process. We researched and created a list to help you find a funeral home for your cremation or burial. All of our funeral homes are reputable and can help figure out and plan your perfect funeral. You’ll want to make sure that you pick a place that is close by to you and is well taken care of since it’s likely you’ll be visiting often.

Just like the funeral homes in Columbus, Ohio, here are other recommended places from other locations:

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