Best Funeral Homes in Durant, Oklahoma (2021)

The responsibility of finding funeral homes in Durant isn’t usually occasions to look forward to. Yet these gatherings can be an important step in moving through life. The environment in which you host these occasions can also make all the difference in your and your family’s experience.

Whether you’re looking for a space for a small gathering or a venue for a large celebration in their honor, funeral homes cater to your family’s needs and preferences.

The funeral home you and your family choose will help walk with you through the sometimes exhausting season. They offer services to take care of your needs from beginning the planning process to moving forward with peace.

If you’re looking for funeral home options in the Durant, Oklahoma region, you’ve got some options to choose from. You’ll usually be able to find the services and locations you need with the staff support and dedication to make this journey more bearable. Pricing of services and additional features may vary based on your location, making it important that you look into which option best aligns with your and your family’s needs. With a commitment to service, the staff at funeral homes are there to help you move through this path.

As you research and explore funeral home options in Durant, Oklahoma, we’re here to provide some insight. Here you’ll find a list of some of the top funeral homes found in the Durant, Oklahoma area. You’ll find price breakdowns and contact information if you’re interested in pursuing their services.

1. Holmes-Coffey-Murray Funeral Home

Holmes-Coffey-Murray Funeral Home

With an array of services and grief support resources, the staff at Holmes-Coffey-Murray Funeral Home are committed to navigating these next steps alongside you. Run by the Shain family, this team puts family first as they care for others in need. As the family runs additional funeral services and locations, the Shains serve as experienced funeral directors who are passionate about serving their families.

The Holmes-Coffey-Murray leadership includes experienced funeral directors and embalmers who are committed to serving families and communities in the area. From receptionists to assistants and all other staff members, they provide services and resources that help you move through this season.

Other reasons why this funeral home may be a good choice for you include the opportunity to receive continued grief support resources via email. Their daily email service provides supportive resources every day for a year following your funeral services. Additional resources include easy-to-use checklists, guides to understanding funeral processions and practices you may be interested in as you move forward.

The staff uses additional multimedia methods to celebrate the life of your loved one with online memorials where visitors can read memories, upload photos, and offer additional comments of encouragement and care. Tribute videos are also available to share at the ceremony and online. Their flower services also make it easy for friends and family to send their love in arrangements.

And, since this season can come with a high level of stress, they take care of sharing service details and ensuring information regarding updates and gathering times are found and known by those who need them.

Funeral Home Details

  • Address: Holmes-Coffey-Murray Funeral Home: 121 N 5th Avenue, Durant, OK 74701
  • Phone Number: 1-580-924-3331
  • Email:
  • Website: Holmes-Coffey-Murray Funeral Home

Products and Services:

  • Basic Services: $1,995
  • Funeral Ceremony: $595
  • Viewing/Visitation: $345
    • Memorial Service: $595
    • Graveside Service: $495
  • Transfer of Remains: $395
  • Embalming: $845
  • Total Estimated Cost: $4,175

Services offered: Funeral services, embalming, off-premise services, graveside, and memorial services, transportation options, cremation, casket and outer burial containers, pre-planning, veteran services, grief support services, and more.

2. Gordon Funeral Home

Gordon Funeral Home

With years of experience in serving families in his local community, funeral home director Brent Gordon is dedicated to meeting you and your family where you’re at. With a commitment to intentional decisions and affordable prices, Gordon and his team operate their funeral home with a wide variety of services anchored in the local community.

The people they serve and the staff they employ are all from right there in Durant, which elevates the care and commitment to everything local. Their flower services even emphasize a collection of local florists that both bring comfort and support for the community.

Gordon Funeral Home offers services in funerals, cremation, and memorial services. Whether you and your family choose to have a traditional funeral, a memorial service or a celebration-of-life event, Gordon’s team is there to bring support.

In addition to hosting services, Gordon Funeral Home also provides cremation options based on the decisions made. If you’re not sure of what next steps you and your family should take, the staff at Gordon will walk you through your options to find the right fit for what feels right for you.

In addition to in-person and phone conversations with the Gordon staff, they also provide helpful information about the different types of end-of-life ceremonies and why the matter.

Funeral Home Details

  • Address: 221 N 3rd Ave, Durant, OK 74701
  • Phone Number: 580-916-9090
  • Email:
  • Website: Gordon Funeral Home

Products and Services:

  • Traditional funeral: $4895
  • Cremation: $1295
  • Connect with their staff to see an itemized listing of individual products and services offered by Gordon Funeral Home.

Services offered: Funeral services, pre-planning, online memorials, obituaries, veteran services, memorial services, celebration-of-life events, flower services, and more.

3. Brown’s Funeral Service

Brown’s Funeral Service

With four locations in the Oklahoma and Texas area, Brown’s Funeral Service offers a comprehensive experience to bring you peace and confidence as you make your next steps in this journey.

Since 1994 Brown’s Funeral Service has been serving and meeting the needs of the local communities. Their comfortable environments offer a sense of peace and warmth as you navigate decisions and moving forward. With welcoming spaces and easy directions, the Durant location of Brown’s Funeral Service can be a great option for you and your family.

Despite having four locations spread out over two states, Brown’s brings an intentional focus on caring for families in their time of need.

Some of the great resources and features that Brown’s Funeral Service offers include in-depth planning tools to make decisions easier. You’ll get to set your preference and ensure that what you had anticipated for the funeral is lived out. Individuals are also provided resources and tools to plan their own funeral in a way that celebrates life and honors who they are rather than having to navigate a challenging season alone.

With their approach to care, the individual and those around them are put at the focus. They offer opportunities to make the occasion unique and specific to the person to celebrate them in a way special to them. Brown’s Funeral services also incorporate veteran’s services for those who deserve particular recognition for the sacrifices they’ve endured.

Through their 365 days of support program, recipients can read daily encouragement and hope as they move forward with healing through supportive aftercare resources.

Through each service and conversation, Brown’s Funeral Services focus on creating healing experiences that invite families to signify the circumstances they’re in and discover opportunities to heal. Whether it’s with a gathering of friends and family at a funeral or finding peace and closure through a burial, the staff at Brown’s Funeral Services are there for it all.

Funeral Home Details

  • Address:
    • Brown’s Funeral Service: 4900 West US Hwy 70, Durant, OK 74701
    • Phone Number: 580-920-0393
    • Website: Brown’s Funeral Service

Products and Services:

  • Basic Services: $1,830
  • Funeral Ceremony: $500
  • Memorial Service: $450
  • Graveside Service: $450
  • Viewing/Visitation: $300
  • Transfer of Remains: $275
  • Cremation: $1845-1955
  • Embalming: $790
  • Total Estimated Cost for full funeral service with cremation: $3935 + casket

Services offered: funeral services, memorial services, burial, cremation, pre-planning, veteran services, pre-planning tools, permanent memorializing, after-care services and counseling, and more.

Funeral Homes In Durant, Oklahoma Thoughts

The funeral and other services you’re planning matter. Find the organization that you can be confident in. With this list of funeral homes and services, you can find the option that best meets your and your family’s needs as you move forward in your journey.

Browse their websites and get connected with the location that best aligns with your price range and vision for the funeral services you have.

If you encounter any problems with the funeral homes in Durant, Oklahoma, make sure to file a complaint about their services.

If these funeral homes in Durant are out of your way, there are other locations you can check out in Oklahoma:

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