Top 5 Funeral Homes in Enid, Oklahoma (2020)

Choosing the right funeral home is difficult because they are the ones that will be arranging the services for your family friends. In addition, they will be doing all the paper for permits, arrangements, and obituaries. If you choose the wrong funeral home, it’s just going to add more stress to your life.

Lucky, we created a list of the Top 5 Funeral Homes in Enid Oklahoma. We’ve done a lot of our own independent research to help you decide on which funeral home is right for you. Stick with us while we go over funeral homes in this beautiful city in Oklahoma.

Note: All estimated costs are in USD

1. Brown-Cummings Funeral Home

Brown Funeral Home, Enid Oklahoma

Now in their fourth generation of helping the families of Enid lay their loved ones to rest, Brown-Cummings Funeral Home has a reputation for being thoughtful and generous.  Hailed for their compassion, Brown-Cummings attempts to mitigate the inevitable stress of this difficult time with reasonable prices and respectful patience.  While Sean Cummings and his team are certainly running a successful business, they are human beings first.

Sean and his family grew up in the Enid community and they continue to be involved members, doing everything they can to give their neighbors the respectful send-off they deserve, even making exceptions when need surmounts ability to pay.  If you’re looking for someone who will come alongside you on this journey, overwhelmingly, Enid residents will point you in their direction. 

Funeral Home Contact Information:

  • Location: 400 W Maple Ave, Enid OK 73701
  • Phone: 1 (580) 237-5432
  • Email:


  • Basic Services: $1295
  • Memorial Service: $450
  • Viewing/Visitation: $300
  • Transfer of Remains: $275
  • Embalming: $690

Total Estimated Cost: $3310

Offerings: Veteran’s Services, Flowers & More  


“Brown Cummings funeral home is the best in Enid.  They went far beyond their job description to take care of my father and give him the proper burial he deserves, despite the fact that we didn’t have the money.  We are very thankful to them for donating a casket and for their wonderful, kind help. I know they get a lot of business on their own, but after taking such good care of my father – and my mother – I promised myself that I would advertise their business as a thank-you present.  May God bless them always.” – Connie Marie Bair

2. Ladusau-Evans Funeral Home

Ladusau-Evans Funeral Home, Enid Oklahoma

Family owned and serving the Enid community for fifty years, Ladusau-Evans Funeral Home treats you with the ultimate respect, and reverence to your loved one during the transition to the grave.  Appreciating personal and cultural individuality, their experienced staff provide myriad choices for the format of your memorial service.  Reasonably priced, they operate with sensitive regard for these unique times.  With a comprehensive and easy-to-use website and pre-arrangement services, they thoughtfully make it easy to plan your service virtually.

Ladusau-Evans wants to provide more than a service; they hope you will allow them to become a part of your family during the tough times and stay for the happy ones.     

Funeral Home Contact Information:

  • Location: 2800 N Van Buren, Enid, OK., 73703
  • Phone: (580) 233-1400
  • Fax: (580) 233-1408
  • Website
  • Email:


  • Basic Services: $1295
  • Memorial Service: $420
  • Viewing/Visitation: $240
  • Transfer of Remains: $210
  • Embalming: $785

Total Estimated Cost: $3250

Offerings: Burial, Cremation, pre-arrangements, transport vehicles, & more.


”Ladusau Funeral Home went above and beyond all expectations from start to finish to ensure they treated me with the utmost respect.  It felt like they were able to do the impossible, and I was beyond satisfied with their handling of the many details and effort that goes with a funeral.  I would recommend them above anyone else.  Thank-you so much!” – Ted Olmstead    

3. Amy Stittsworth Funeral Service & Cemetery

Sittsworth Funeral Service, Enid OK

At Amy Stittsworth Funeral Service & Cemetery, Bill Stittsworth Jr., wants to take a difficult time and transform it into a celebration of your loved one’s life.  Compassionate and economically fair-minded, the heart Bill and his staff have for the people of Enid shines through in their focus on economic and emotional security, including the 20 Gauge All Steel Casket included in their traditional funeral packages.  They also know that the smallest details are the most cherished ones.  This is reflected in their serene focus on green burial services, including at new site: The Chisholm Trail Burial Park.

This place comes highly recommended for their affordable and caring assistance. 

Funeral Home Contact Information:

Products & Services:

  • Traditional Funeral Packages: Starting at $3295USD
  • Direct Cremation Packages: Starting at $995USD
  • Basic Services: $795
  • Memorial Service: $350
  • Viewing/Visitation: $395
  • Transfer of Remains: $195
  • Embalming: $695

Total Estimated Cost: $2730

Offerings: Military Services, Green Burial Services, Casket and Burial Vault selection & more.


“Bill Stittsworth has a heart for people, and it shows! Having personal experience with many of the funeral homes in Enid, I would recommend him to any family, including my own.  I appreciate all he does for the Enid community.” – Tiffany Suzanne Hill

4. Anderson-Burris Funeral Home & Crematory

With a focus on planning ahead and thoughtful follow up calls, Anderson-Burris Funeral Home & Crematory takes a holistic view of the process we all must one day face.  They seem to think of everything, from their wide array of flowers and gifts, to creating a personalized place for family and friends to connect and remember their loved one.  Their website is especially user- friendly for our current virtual circumstances, with everything from funeral etiquette tips to links to grief counseling services.   

Offering a tailored approach that centers on celebrating each unique life, Suzanne Gray and her staff take the time to learn cultural rituals and traditions, and place an emphasis on intricate detail.  They have endeared themselves to the Enid community and become synonymous with local funeral services.

Funeral Home Contact Information:

  • Contact Information:
  • Address: 3002 N Van Buren St, Enid OK 73703
  • Phone: (580) 233-2700
  • Website:
  • Email:


  • Basic Services: $980
  • Memorial Service: $375
  • Viewing/Visitation: $300
  • Transfer of Remains: $140
  • Embalming: $700
  • Total Estimated Cost: $2795
  • Permanent Memorialization, Veteran’s Services, Flowers & more.


“It was a very sad day today for my family, but everyone at the Anderson Burris funeral home was so kind and accommodating.  Suzanne went out of her way to learn our rituals, and make everything perfect so that we could send my mom off with peace and humility.” – Sneha Patel

5. Henninger-Hinson Funeral Home – Celebrating and preserving memories. 

The people at Henninger-Hinson Funeral Home want to help you tell the story of your loved one’s life.  With a wide variety of modifications, they allow you to illustrate life’s most cherished moments and hold onto them in perpetuity.  An interactive website enables you to plan the final event in the comfort of your own home at a time when comfort is especially needed.  Leading the way among our five winners in economy for preliminary services like transfer of remains and embalming, Henninger-Hinson knows that money should be the last thing on their clients’ minds.    

With fine attention to detail and an empathy borne of experience, Henninger-Hinson has been going above and beyond to honor the lives of the people of Enid since the early twentieth century. 

Funeral Home Contact Information:

  • Address: 601 W Broadway Ave, Enid, OK 73701
  • Phone:1 580-233-1700
  • Website:
  • Email:

Products & Services:

  • Basic Services: $950
  • Memorial Service: $275
  • Viewing/Visitation: $445
  • Transfer of Remains: $75
  • Embalming: $600
  • Total Estimated Cost: $2645

Funeral planning services (In-person & Online), Burial and Cremation Options, Personalization, Keepsakes & more. 


”Our family is incredibly appreciative of you for your kindness, attention, and diligence in guiding and facilitating Don’s visitation and celebration of life.  In all of our interactions, we were impressed by how you remained sincere and congenial.  Thank you so much for the great effort you took to order his casket and to coordinate the Enid Police escort and Military Honors.  It was one of the best Celebrations of Life many of us have ever been part of.  We know you were just doing your job, and you might even say that no thanks is needed.  But we wanted to offer affirmation that you went above and beyond for our family.” – Donald Myers’ Family

Conclusion for Top 5 Funeral Homes in Enid, Oklahoma

We realize that choosing a funeral home is tough, especially for a sudden death or service. If you live in Enid, Oklahoma we’ve done a lot of the research for you so you can make an informed decision on which funeral home is best for you. We hope that you enjoyed our list of the Top 5 Funeral Homes in Enid, Oklahoma.

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