5 Best Funeral Homes in Houston, Texas (2021)

When you visit the eclectic, metropolitan city of Houston, Texas, you’ll be struck by the diversity and creativity of the city.  And while you won’t see a lot of big hats or hear much of that celebrated Texan twang, southern tradition is alive and well just beneath the surface.  And this goes for funeral homes in Houston, Texas as well.  Ensconced within nineteenth-century antebellum structures with those iconic huge white pillars, and featuring grand foyers and ballrooms for wakes and celebrations of life, they are almost tourist attractions in themselves.  We have put together a list of our favorite five, ranging from the tried and tested to the most imaginative and COVID-19 ready. 

We live in unique and trying times, but the funeral homes featured here believe that the age-old human right to a dignified celebration of life is one thing that cannot be set aside.  Facilities like Bradshaw-Carter Memorial and Funeral Services, offer advanced streaming capabilities to allow the guest of honor to be appropriately celebrated by every person whose life they touched.  And Brookside Funeral Home gives you an array of selections as unique as the people of this beautiful city. 

1. Brookside Funeral Home – Empathetic Service with an Imaginative Flair

Top Five Funeral Homes in Houston, Texas

  • Address: 3410 Cypress Creek Pkwy, Houston TX, 77068
  • Phone: (281) 397-0800
  • Website: dignitymemorial.com

Diversity is a characteristic that Michael Anthony Fernandez and Loreal Brown live out in both their clientele and eclectic ceremonial offerings.  You can select either a traditional memorial service or literally throw a party with your late relative or friend as the guest of honor.  Choose from a selection of their favorite foods and blare their favorite tunes one last time, because they truly are there in spirit.  Brookside’s imaginative touches include scrapbooks and distinctive urns the honored guest would be proud to reside in for eternity. (Personally, I would choose a baseball motif with instructions to be scattered over Minute Maid Park).  

Clients rave that the loving, imaginative Brookside staff make an unbearable event bearable.  This is one of the funeral homes in Houston that allow you to grieve while also celebrating the unique life of your loved one. 


  • Basic Services: $3995
  • Memorial Service: $595
  • Viewing/Visitation: $495
  • Transfer of Remains: $595
  • Embalming: $1595

Total Estimated Cost: $7575

Funeral and Cremation Services, Veteran’s Services, Scrapbooks, and more. 

2. Miller Funeral and Cremation Services – Providing patient and compassionate service. 

Miller Funeral and Cremation Services, Texas

Contact Information:

Founded by Johnny Miller in response to the significant costs he encountered while arranging his own father-in-law’s funeral, Miller Funeral and Cremation Services wants to provide you with a better way.  So he started his own establishment, where you only have to pay for what you actually need.  Recognizing that you, as was the case with Mr. Miller, probably don’t know where to begin, funeral director Ted Garcia and his staff guide you every step of the way.  With an ideology centered on healing, the owners focus on the memorial as a celebration of life and the beginning of the long process of closure.  To compel a model of honesty, their staff do not earn a commission.  They feel that this also takes the colder business side out of the equation, instead of allowing themselves to become a part of your family. 

Founded by the compassion of one who has been there, the Miller staff follows in this tradition, providing you with patient assistance while you take the first step in the healing process. 


  • Basic Services: $2695
  • Funeral Ceremony: $395
  • Viewing/Visitation: $395
  • Transfer of Remains: $395
  • Embalming: $940

Total Estimate: $7470

Funeral and Cremation Services, Honoring Veterans, Banquet Services, Aftercare, & more. 

3. Bradshaw-Carter Memorial & Funeral Services – an elegant, classic sendoff in a COVID-19 world

Bradshaw Memorial, Funeral Homes In Houston, Texas

Contact Information:

If you are looking for an elegant ride and send-off ceremony to the beyond, Bradshaw-Carter is a classy choice.  Serving the Metro Houston community, you will think you’ve been transported back to the eighteenth century south.  The similarities end with the ambiance, however, as Michael “Tripp” Carter and his staff of traditional roles as well as caterers are acutely aware of the urgent times in which we are now living.  Advanced live streaming services can be ready to go at a moment’s notice and allow you to tailor everything from overall access to individual camera perspective selection. 

From veteran funerals to an array of wake menu selections, Bradshaw-Carter wants to pull out all the stops and honor your loved one with a memorable celebration tailored to their lives.  And while acknowledging that their services (and price) are a cut above, they will also happily deliver a tasteful memorial at a more palatable price point. 


  • Basic Services: $4945
  • Memorial Service: $1450
  • Viewing/Visitation: $1450
  • Transfer of Remains: $495
  • Embalming: $1350

Total Estimated Cost: $9990

Funeral and Cremation Services, Advanced Life Streaming, Veterans’ Funerals, Caterers & more. 

4. Felix H. Morales Funeral Home – Professional, Genuine Service with a Heart

Felix Funeral Home In Houston, Texas

Contact Information:

Heritage matters to the Morales family, and this is the lens through which they see every life they honor.  One one of the funeral homes in Houston is family-owned and operated, the Morales’s patiently guide other clans through these emotional times with a genuine caring spirit.  With an onsite certified grief counselor, Christina and Joe Morales dedicate themselves to taking care of the whole person.  In business since 1931, they have the professionalism borne of experience and are conveniently located.  Situated on bustling Canal Street, you can see the elegant white structure from the downtown Houston skyscrapers.  The staff here are consummate professionals and have the knowledge and intuitiveness to anticipate your every need.

Overwhelmingly, Houston residents agree that this extended family is accomplishing their goal of making these difficult times just that little bit easier. 


  • Basic Services: $1775
  • Memorial Service: $600
  • Viewing/Visitation: $400
  • Transfer of Remains: $575
  • Embalming: $1095

Total Estimated Cost: $4745

Pre-planning, Funeral and Cremation Services, Veteran’s Services, Grief Counselling, & more. 

5. Pruitt & Pruitt Mortuary – A tradition of cherished personal touches. 

Pruitt & Pruitt Mortuary, Funeral Homes In Houston, Texas

  • Address: 4337 Liberty Rd, Houston, TX, 77026
  • Phone: 281-501-0016
  • Jammie Pruitt, Funeral Director/Embalmer
  • Email: Pruittfuneral@yahoo.com
    Cell Phone: 832-723-9934

This is one of the funeral homes in Houston that is steeped in tradition. Jammie Pruitt and his staff have a lofty standard to live up to, and from all accounts, they do an excellent job.  Known for their attention to detail, they add a personal touch to mortuary services, while also honoring the individual’s larger impact on the world and community with veteran’s services and police motorcycle escorts.  Thoughtful flourishes families will forever cherish include remembrance jewelry and the release of doves.  With sensitivity to the overwhelming emotional strain of such a time, Pruitt has put together a beautifully inclusive funeral package with dressing, hair and makeup, an 18-gauge casket, and flower transportation.  They really have thought of everything. 

Known to make adjustments to give the client’s optimal serenity, Pruitt & Pruitt are well-known in their community as the ones to call when people are going through the inevitable final chapter of life. 


  • Basic Services: $1995
  • Memorial Service: $350
  • Viewing/Visitation: $295
  • Transfer of Remains: $375
  • Embalming: $875

Total Estimated Cost: $4190

Pre-planning, Funeral and Cremation Services, Police Motorcycle Escorts & more.

Conclusion for Best Funeral Homes in Houston, Texas

Houston is a large town in Texas with a lot of options for funeral homes and cremations. This means that you have to do a ton of research while you’re grieving for a loved one which is a difficult process. We’ve done a lot of the research and found some great funeral homes that have affordable prices, are independent, or a chain in Houston, Texas. We hope you found the appropriate burial place and cremation for your loved one.

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