5 Best Funeral Homes in Jacksonville, Florida (2020)

The funeral homes in Jacksonville, Florida areas steeped in tradition and novelty as the city as itself.  The heart of Duval county, Jacksonville holds bragging rights as the largest city by area in the fifty united states.  Due to this magnitude, the city’s service providers often have footholds in more than one area, and funeral service providers are no different.

If you live in or Jacksonville and find yourself in need of these somber services, we’ve got you covered.  Here are the top five proprietors who will make you feel comfortable, respect both your dignity and your pocketbook, and provide you with all the options you need to properly honor your loved one.  Carefully selected for their emphasis on celebrating diversity, mitigation of financial stressors, and basic humanity, we would recommend anyone of these fine facilities.

Note: All estimated costs are in USD and are from Parting: https://www.parting.com/funeral-home/FL/jacksonville/

Naugle Funeral Home & Cremation Services – Honoring the Natural Cycle of Life

Naugle Funeral Home & Cremation Services

The Naugle family believes in celebrating the natural cycle of life, and for them, this isn’t just lip service.  They put their services where their principles are as one of the very few providers to highlight natural burials.  Providing a biodegradable shroud or minimal wicker casket where the body decomposes back into the earth, they allow nature to take its intended course, returning dust-to-dust in a forward-thinking, organic burial ceremony. 

Founded in 1919, they receive consistently high marks from their clients for insisting on the highest of standards – and not just for the environment.  Respectful and considerate, they welcome each client and their loved ones into the Naugle family fold.  Their natural focus is easier on the wallet as well as the environment, with cremation services coming in at well under $1000.  So if you, or your family, have a deep respect for the environment, consider completing your lifecycle with Naugle. 

Contact Information:


  • Basic Services: $1595
  • Funeral Ceremony: $495
  • Viewing/Visitation: $395
  • Transfer of Remains: $195
  • Embalming: $595
  • Green Burial with Minimal Shroud: $3495
  • Green Burial with Minimal Wicker Casket + Up to 2 hours Visitation (day of service): $4495
  • Total Cost Estimate: $5925

Funeral and Memorial Services, Green/Natural Burial, Veteran’s Services & more. 

Funerals by TS Warden: Celebrating the Value in Tradition

Funerals by TS Warden, Jacksonville

Contact Information:

Tyrone Warden grew up working in a family-run funeral home and has always had a passion for the business.  Described as a kind and compassionate man, he provides residents of his hometown, Jacksonville community with the same traditional end-of-live values his grandfather instilled in him.  One of these values is a greater emphasis on burial over cremation.  While listing the benefits of both, TS Warden extolls the timeless comfort factors of having a special place to visit and remember your dearly departed, spending eternity beside a cherished spouse or amongst battle comrades, and keeping the body intact.  They also highlight the religious consensus among Christians, Jews, and Muslims that this is the way to go.
In another nod toward times of yore, they offer hearse-drawn carriages that will escort your history buff to their final resting place.  For a classic and intimate sendoff, choose this fine facility. 


  • Basic Services: $1195
  • Funeral Ceremony: $595
  • Viewing/Visitation: $495
  • Transfer of Remains:$495
  • Embalming: $1195
  • Total Cost Estimate: $6625

Traditional Burial & Cremation, Memorial Services, Hearse Drawn-Carriages & more. 

Sarah. L. Carter’s Funeral Home: An Abiding Respect for Diversity

Sarah Funeral Homes, Jacksonville

Contact Information



  • Address: 6665 New Kings Road, Jacksonville, FL, 32219
  • Phone: (904) 764-765-4150

This establishment has a record of innovation.  After working as a secretary at another facility, Sarah L. Carter became the first African American woman in the state of Florida to build a funeral home from the bottom up.  And she has never looked back.  With a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies, Sarah has an abiding respect for the importance of religious traditions, so she ensures that her staff have knowledge of, and regard for, a wide range of international customs. 

Memorials throughout history have featured extravagant affairs where people come from far and wide to celebrate the life of the deceased, and Ms. Carter believes this tradition is equally as important today.  So she goes out of her way to provide domestic and international shipping arrangements, guaranteeing that one has the opportunity to be honored in close proximity to the people who cherish them most.  Here, you can be assured that your loved one will be treated with the utmost reverence.


  • Basic Services:  $1695
  • Funeral Ceremony: $695
  • Viewing/Visitation: $275
  • Transfer of Remains: $250
  • Embalming:  $795
  • Total Estimated Cost: $6360 

Traditional and Humanist Funeral Services, International and Cultural Services, Domestic and International Shipping & more.   

Hardage-Giddens Funeral Homes: Guiding Jacksonville Toward a Respectful Finale

Hardage-Giddens Funeral Homes

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Since the early twentieth century, Hardage-Giddens has been helping the citizens of Jacksonville to prepare for their final earthly sojourn.  They take a gentle but informative approach to pre-planning for the inevitable so relatives and friends are not left holding this additional emotional burden.  And their detailed approach doesn’t stop there.  Their spacious property includes flexible chapel space, elegant banquet room, and a separate veteran’s cemetery, all intended to celebrate the exceptionality of the life lived.  And the adjoining Chapel Hills Cemetary with sections for both in-ground burial and cremation, along with above-ground entombment, allows for much-needed efficiency and ease of travel on an already difficult day. 

Past clients overwhelmingly agree that Hardage-Giddens really has thought of everything you could possibly desire in a funeral home. 


  • Basic Services: $3195
  • Funeral Ceremony: $795
  • Viewing/Visitation: $230
  • Transfer of Remains: $595
  • Embalming: $1195
  • Total Estimated Cost: $8660

Celebration of Life Center, Cremation & In-ground and Above-ground Burial, Separate Veteran’s Cemetary & more. 

George H Hewell & Son Funeral Homes: Providing Dedication and Quality Options

George H Hewell & Son Funeral Homes

Contact Information:

North Side:

  • Address: 4747 Main St., Jacksonville, FL, 32206
  • Phone: (904) 355-9545


With impressive facilities on both the north and south side of Jacksonville, George H. Hewell & Son aims to provide their clients with as much flexibility as possible.  Recognizing that people often live far from the places closest to their hearts, they offer out-of-town burials after local family and friends have had the chance to say goodbye. 

They also provide extensive options in important areas like the type of ceremony.  You can go the traditional route, with a service in a subdued atmosphere of remembrance, or throw a party with your loved one as the guest of honor, reminiscing about the happy times while watching a sweet video tribute put together by the staff.  It is due to this accessibility, along with a proud family tradition of compassion, that has endeared them to Duval County for generations.   


  • Basic Services: $1900
  • Funeral Ceremony: $500
  • Viewing/Visitation: $300
  • Transfer of Remains: $350
  • Embalming: $600
  • Total Estimated Cost: $6300

Memorial & Funeral Services, Out-of-City Burials, Tribute Videos & more. 

Conclusion for Best Funeral Homes in Jacksonville, Florida

Top Five Funeral Homes, Jacksonville

Choosing a funeral home is a long and difficult process because you have to do tons of last minute research. Sometimes death is sudden and choosing a crematory or burial spot can be stressful. Our job is to help you find a good burial spot for your loved one if you’re located near the Jacksonville, Florida area. We hope that you were able to get in contact with some of these reputable places.

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