5 Best Funeral Homes In Laredo, Texas (2021)

After losing a loved one, finding funeral homes in Laredo, Texas can carry a lot of weight on a person.

Laredo is a renowned city in south Texas with several attractive sites such as its unique recreational centers, shopping malls, religious meeting places, and it is home to several peoples of a different race. This fantastic city also holds several funeral homes that provide families and friends’ excellent services that give a unique funeral service for someone they had loved.

Death is inevitable, and its occurrence can leave families shaken, and they start making preparations for providing their loved one a befitting burial. Here in Laredo, you can find funeral homes that help make fantastic preparations and take care of your needs. Are you searching for an excellent funeral home in Laredo? Then, here are five top funeral homes in Laredo.

1. Joe Jackson Funeral Chapel Laredo

Joe Jackson Funeral Chapel

Since its inception in 1914, Joe Jackson’s funeral chapel keeps providing excellent funeral services and helps families and friends through the burial or cremation services. With the loss of a dear one, family and friends are thrown into mourning and need all the support they can get, and as such, the excellent staff of this funeral home provides support to families during this difficult time.

Subscribing to their email servicing list, you get several grief support mauls daily. Their staffs are not just experienced but licensed, having excellent knowledge to help carry out an honorable funeral for the deceased. Their facilities are also top-notch and are kept in place to provide comfort and peace as you recall the beautiful times spent with while the dead was alive.

With a licensed crematory, this funeral home now holds crematory services. They also provide you with affordable services to choose from. Whether you are having a funeral service immediately or planning, you can rest assured that their staff would adhere to all your desires regarding the use.

Joe Jackson’s funeral chapels also help share details of the funeral service to your friends, provide them with the necessary information. They can also help create tribute videos and make memorials accessible online. Furthermore, this funeral home acknowledges that funerals require funds, and they can help source some funds from your friends by creating a funeral donation.

Funeral Home Details:


The products/services that Joe Jackson funeral chapels offer includes:

  • A spacious chapel that is capable of accommodating about 500 persons
  • Spacious receiving foyer
  • Large parking space
  • Child care area
  • Refreshment area
  • Two regions for funeral arrangements
  • Embalming
  • Ample room for cremation or burial selection

Office Hours

  • Monday – Sunday: Available 24 hours

2. Hernandez, Lopez and Sons Funeral Chapels Laredo Texas

Hernandez, Lopez and Sons Funeral Chapels

Hernandez, Lopez, and Sons funeral chapel offer care and empathy to families mourning their loved ones’ death. During this challenging time, this funeral home helps you arrange an honorable funeral service for the deceased. They listen to your every wish and make unique plans based on your desires; thus, relieving you of some burdens during this trying time.

They have several facilities that keep your family and friend have an everlasting memory of the celebration of a well-lived life of someone they had loved. Whether a burial or cremation ceremony, you can go through the process with ease irrespective of your traditional background.

All necessary things needed for an excellent service, including floral tributes, memorial register books, acknowledgment cards, and memorial folders, are made available. Families are advised to provide the photographs and other memorabilia of the deceased, to have a more personalized funeral service.

Funeral Home Details:


The products/services that Hernandez, Lopez, and Sons funeral home offers include:

  • Traditional burial service
  • Traditional cremation service
  • Excellent graveside service
  • Memorial services
  • Transporting bodies

Office Hours

  • Monday – Sunday: Available 24 hours

3. Fred Dickey Funeral & Cremation Services Laredo

Fred Dickey Funeral & Cremation Services

Fred Dickey Funeral & Cremation Services is one of the best in Laredo, as they ensure that funeral services are memorable and affordable. Their excellent services are not just designed to pay tribute to the deceased, but they also provide a place for family and friends to come together and reminisce about the memories shared with the dead.

There are various funeral options that you can choose from, including full memorial service or something more straightforward. All details regarding the funeral are thoroughly followed until the last, ensuring you have a comfortable stay while at this funeral home. Their staffs are trained and full of years of experience.

Thus, you can be sure that everything would run smoothly. This funeral home has excellent facilities, ensuring that the house is secured, clean, and provide remarkable services, with their elegant décor, reception room, and beautiful chapel. For families that prefer the cremation services, all cremation in this funeral home is performed by an operator with a CANA certificate.

Furthermore, they offer support to families during this time of mourning, as they provide interactive grief video support and ensure your aching heart is healed.

Funeral Home Details


  • Traditional burial services
  • Built-in chapel
  • Large reception room
  • Cremation services by certified operators
  • Reception arrangements

Office Hours

  • Monday – Sunday: Available 24 hours

4. Hillside Funeral Home Laredo Texas

Hillside Funeral Home

Funerals are unique, and at Hillside funeral home, you can have an excellent funeral service done for someone you loved. This funeral home has provided its extraordinary benefits for the past twenty years with excellent facilities and makes the whole funeral process easier. You can choose to carry out a full traditional funeral service, a cremation service, or even something more superficial.

During such trying times, this funeral home also provides you with the support needed as they show empathy and a great deal of kindness while understanding your needs. You can contact them at any time, and they would provide you with all information regarding their services. Their customizable services are capable of honoring different types of people irrespective of the traditional background.

Funeral Home Details


  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • full burial service
  • built-in chapel
  • cremation service

Office Hours

  • Monday – Sunday: Available 24 hours

5. Gamez and Sons Funeral and Cremation Services Laredo

Gamez and Sons Funeral and Cremation Services

Gamez and Sons Funeral and Cremation Services helps families plan for an excellent funeral ceremony for their loved one who had passed on. This funeral home is one of the best in the city, and they come up with a customizable service that is in full accordance with your desires and wishes. They understand that this is a trying time for you and your family, and as such, they are ready to provide the needed support.

Whether it’s a funeral service, cremation, burial, or memorial service, this is one of the best places to hold such events. Gamez and Sons Funeral and Cremation Services provide a place of comfort for both you, your family, and friends to recall the memories of the deceased in peace while sharing a great sense of loss.

Are you at a tight spot finding it challenging to choose the best funeral arrangement plan? Well, the trained, experienced, and licensed staff at Gamez and Sons Funeral and Cremation Services can guide you through the whole process. You can choose from their several affordable options to ensure that the deceased get an honorable service.

Funeral Home Details


The products/services Gamez and Sons funeral home offers include:

  • wide range of burial casket, made of various kinds of materials
  • burial vaults
  • Urns of vast materials
  • Urn vaults
  • memorial markers that are durable and can last for a lifetime
  • Caskets for cremation
  • Exquisite flowers from available florists

Office Hours

  • Mondays – Sundays: Available 24 hours

Conclusion For Funeral Homes In Laredo, Texas

In the event of death, the deceased’s families and friends are often fast with a sorrowful time, while they keep remembering the fantastic times spent with the person when he was alive. During this challenging time, families started seeking means to conduct a special funeral service of their loved one.

Some persons are oblivious about what to do and how to go about the whole funeral process. That is where a funeral home comes into the limelight. These funeral homes help you through the funeral process with ease. If you need a funeral home in Lerado that offers an excellent funeral service, burial, and cremation, you can check this article for accurate information.

There are other cities in Texas just like the funeral homes in Laredo. We recommend that you check it out if you’re not content with this list:

If any problems with these locations arise, please follow our quick guide on submitting a complaint.

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