Best Funeral Homes in Moore, Oklahoma (2021)

Memorial services often come with a wave of different emotions and feelings especially after being tasked to search for funeral homes in Moore.

The emotions are often situation-dependent and based on each individual’s experience and journey in losing a significant individual. Certainly, there can be overwhelming grief and sorrow during this season. However, especially with celebration of life gatherings, it can also be a time of remembering the good times you’ve experienced with your loved one.

In many cases, it’s a blend of both sorrow and celebration that overtake the funeral planning process. That’s where a funeral home can really come in to help. The role of a funeral home is to help coordinate these end-of-life practices to help you along in the process of grieving and finding rest and peace.

From the service itself to sharing information with guests to transportation to hosting your gathering of friends and family, funeral homes play a big role in navigating the passing of a loved one.

Choosing a funeral home that you can be confident in is key.

When you’re looking to plan a funeral or memorial service in the area of Moore, Oklahoma, you’ve got a few options to choose from. However you move your planning forward, you’ll know that these organizations indicate their commitment to families and their community.

Top Funeral Homes in Moore, Oklahoma

Not all funeral homes are created equal. They may offer their services at different price points. They may offer additional services you want to take advantage of in planning a celebration that meets your family’s needs. They may have a more limited selection of services but a heightened focus on customer support and care. As you make your plans, you’ll want to find the funeral home that best aligns with what you need.

If you’re looking for a location in Moore, Oklahoma, we’ve got you covered. Here we share a quick list of some of the top funeral homes in the Moore area. While not all of these funeral homes are located directly in the city of Moore, they are near enough to be worth considering as you move forward in these important decisions.

For each location, listed is the price breakdown of the typical services these homes offer, contact information, and some of the key services they provide.

1. John M Ireland & Son Funeral Home & Chapel Moore

John M Ireland & Son Funeral Home & Chapel

When it comes to the way in which someone is remembered and celebrated, honor and respect matter. At John M Ireland & Son Funeral Home and Chapel, services and next steps are planned with the individual and family’s wishes in mind.

This is one of the funeral homes in Moore that offers a variety of opportunities to gather and recognize the meaningful impact of the individual. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or completely unique, they’ll accommodate your preferences. They offer services for funerals, memorials, burials as well as cremations. Their space and staff can design and plan according to what you value most.

As a family affair, the leadership at John M Ireland & Son put family first, particularly in their time of need. With additional involvement through the community and engaging with neighbors, the staff’s care and attention go beyond a funeral service.

If you’re relatively new to the funeral planning and process, their lengthy list of resources can equip you with knowledge and insight you may want to be familiar with in moving forward. They also offer grief support and care to support you even beyond the ceremonies and memorials conclude.

Funeral Home Details

Products and Services:

  • Basic Services: $981
  • Funeral Ceremony: $295
  • Viewing/Visitation: $128
  • Transfer of Remains: $295
  • Embalming: $481
  • Total Estimated Cost: $4,830
    • Note that these estimates do not include caskets or burial containers, dressing or casketing

Services offered: funeral services, memorial services, cremation, pre-planning, embalming, grief support services, flower deliveries

2. Moore Funeral and Cremation Oklahoma

Moore Funeral and Cremation

At Moore Funeral and Cremation, the focus is on you and your family. Within their venue, they serve only one family at a time.. That means the organization is centered around you and your visitation, memorial, and celebration service at that time. You take priority. Beyond that, they’re also available for questions and conversations around the clock.

You’ll also be able to choose the features and services you want to be included in your experience, and which ones you don’t. They offer immediate need services like translation and interpreting should your situation require it. Whether you’re exploring cremation services, burials, funerals, or need resources for a veteran’s ceremony, Moore Funeral and Cremation has you covered.

Moore also shares a lengthy set of resources and guides that can help you as you move through both the planning of the occasion and the resulting journey forward following the gatherings.

With all the funeral homes in Moore’s responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, Moore Funeral & Cremation offers live stream options at no additional cost. This care for their families and communities allows you and your family to stay connected, even while physically apart. Guests can either tune in live to the ceremony or service or they can watch the recording of the service at a later time so that no matter where they are, they can celebrate and remember with you. Videos and Livestream can either be public or privately shared. These videos also can be great ways to share the experience with future generations.

Funeral Home Details

Products and Services:

  • Connect with the team at Moore Funeral and Cremation to learn more about prices and service packages offered. The staff at Moore offer services such as for immediate needs, pre-planning, veteran honors and benefits, cremation services, and burial services. In addition to their services, they also share a wide variety of free resources available on their website.

3. Signature Cremation & Funeral Care

Signature Cremation & Funeral Care

While this funeral care center isn’t located in the city of Moore, it’s close enough on the southern side of Oklahoma City. Its close proximity to Moore makes it a valuable option to consider.

From the celebrations of life to planning memorial services, the staff at Signature are passionate about ensuring the uniqueness and intentionality of the individual is expressed on this occasion. To honor this individuality, they also offer pre-planning services where individuals can make their selections themselves about how to honor and celebrate life.

From a meaningful permanent memorial to a thoughtful and intentional funeral service, the staff at Signature are there to make the ceremonies memorable and significant.

With special attention to veterans, Signature offers a range of benefits to recognize their commitment to their country. They partner with families in navigating receiving benefits through forms and processes to make it less stressful. Veterans who have been honorably discharged are eligible to receive these burial benefits.

In addition to permanent memorialization and other services, Signature offers opportunities to create tributes to highlight the relationships and people in the lives of the individual. Through videos, printed materials such as programs and bookmarks, and websites, you have a variety of platforms to share the stories and memories of the person to celebrate.

Funeral Home Details

Products and Services:

  • Basic Services: $945
  • Funeral Ceremony: $595
  • Memorial Service: $595
  • Graveside Service: $595
  • Viewing/Visitation: $195
  • Transfer of Remains: $350
  • Embalming: $440
  • Total estimated cost: $3,090
    • Note that these estimates do not include caskets or burial containers, dressing or casketing

Services offered: Funeral services, cremation options, printed and digital memorial tributes, pre-planning services, grief support and resources, and more.

Funeral Homes In Moore, Oklahoma Thoughts

Choosing a location for a funeral or service is an important decision. When looking in Moore, Oklahoma, and the surrounding area, you’ve got some options. No matter what you focus on as your top priority items to look for in a funeral home, you can find it in the character and intentionality of funeral homes in the area.

We hope this quick list of funeral homes provides you some next steps in finding a funeral home that will partner with you as you move forward with confidence and peace. Give them a call and schedule a tour to find the option that fits you and your family.

If you’re dealing with any issues with the funeral homes in Moore or anywhere in general, be sure to file a complaint to better improve their services.

For other locations near the funeral homes in Moore, you can take a look at these recommended locations in Oklahoma:

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