Top 6 Funeral Homes in Norman, Oklahoma (2021)

Funerals are the only event that nobody wants to have to plan. Organizing a funeral service can be difficult and emotionally exhausting. Those who find themselves planning these events may feel overwhelmed by the number options available to them, especially in combination with the grief they’re facing. Much of the time, the deceased has provided a general guideline for their funeral and burial preferences in their will, but still, the most overlooked detail of this tends to be the location of the service.

Norman, Oklahoma is a unique and richly cultural city. Regarded as a “bedroom city” thanks to its proximity to the larger Oklahoma City, many who work in larger metropolitan areas keep a home in Norman which makes it extremely family and community-oriented. For this reason, it is extremely important to funeral homes in Norman, Oklahoma that the families of the deceased come first. This is the case for these the establishments on our list, who serve the community of Norman, Oklahoma with dignity, support, and the utmost care. Read on to learn about the 6 best funeral homes in Norman, OK and its surrounding communities.

1. John M. Ireland & Son Funeral Home – Moore, OK

john ireland funeral home oklahoma

John M. Ireland and Son Funeral Home is a longstanding family business that boasts three generations of funeral care professionals under one roof. They place the utmost importance on family and community, ensuring that the residents of Norman and its surrounding areas get the best, most personalized care when planning funeral services. They streamline the process of funeral planning by offering many of the pieces of planning themselves, reducing the burden for grieving families.

As an extension of their award-winning highly customizable care, J.M. Ireland and Son offers one free year of daily grief support emails to any families they assist. Their dedication not only to quality services but to the families of the deceased makes them one of the top funeral homes in the Norman, Oklahoma area.

Funeral Services:

Traditional funeral services start at $3,295 and include embalming, dressing and casketing, use of facilities for funeral service, visitation, and reception, travel, and necessary staff to transport the deceased to and from the funeral home, from the funeral home to the cemetery, and a metal casket. Arrangements can be customized at an additional cost. J.M. Ireland and Sons also offers memorial services (in lieu of a traditional funeral) and cremation services.

Address and Contact Information:

2. Primrose Funeral Service – Norman, OK

primrose funeral home norman oklahoma

Primrose Funeral Service prides itself on personalization and joy in funeral planning. Their core values focus on celebrating the deceased’s life and personality above all else, lending a positive, supportive environment to their approach. Their goal is to create a service that the deceased themselves would have loved to attend: a party, a dinner, or another curated celebration of the deceased’s life incorporating their hobbies, interests, or passions. They offer more traditional funerals ranging from religious services to dignified military proceedings along with more modern celebratory events.

A subsidiary of Dignity Memorial, Primrose Funeral Service is not family-owned and operated; however, being a part of a larger network of funeral homes means that Primrose can offer an extremely varied and flexible range of options for families who want to give their loved ones a truly unique service. If you’re looking for a turnkey funeral home in Norman, Oklahoma this is certainly a good option.

Funeral Services:

Primrose Funeral Service offers pricing upon consultation. They offer a variety of services for a truly personalized service, including catering for receptions, custom stationery, and keepsakes. Cremation services and memorial services are also offered. Primrose also offers payment plans for those who may not be able to pay for an entire service at once, and for those who want to make plans in advance.

Address and Contact Information:

  • Address: Primrose Funeral Service, 1109 North Porter Ave, Norman, OK
  • Phone Number: 405-321-6000
  • Website: Dignity Memorial Oklahoma

3. Wilson-Little Funeral Home – Purcell, OK

wilson little funeral home oklahoma

Descended from a local funeral home established in the late 19th century, Wilson-Little Funeral Home is a fixture in the Norman area. Like many family-owned funeral homes, Wilson-Little pride themselves on community-conscious, family-based services and care. They offer largely traditional options in a supportive, respectful, and traditional environment. They offer connections with local florists for flowers, the option to make online arrangements, and links to resources for grieving families.

Wilson-Little Funeral Home is the oldest in the Norman area and promises respectful, traditional service which can only be provided by a local business with a generations-long history of serving its community.

Funeral Services:

Wilson-Little provides pricing upon consultation. They offer online arrangement and pre-arrangement as well as traditional in-person arrangement of services.

Address and Contact Information:

  • Address: Wilson-Little Funeral Home, 127 South Canadian St, Purcell, OK
  • Phone Number: 405-527-6543
  • Website: Wilson Little Funeral Home

4. Tribute Memorial Care – Norman, OK

tribute memorial care norman oklahoma

Tribute Memorial Care is a large-scale funeral service provider. Their team boasts decades of combined experience and focuses on step-by-step support for grieving families. Their facilities are modern and less overtly religion-based, making them an excellent choice for non-denominational or non-religious services. Tribute offers grief resources to families, including daily support emails. Their site is brimming with resources for families and those looking into pre-planning for themselves. Tribute’s focus is on ease and comfort for families.

The establishment offers traditional burial and cremation services, but what truly sets them apart is their green burial option. Ideal for eco-conscious families or individuals, eco-burial does away with traditional chemical embalming and involves burying the deceased in a biodegradable container or shroud rather than a traditional casket.

Funeral Services:

Tribute Memorial Care offers many options for funeral service, with pricing available upon consultation. They also offer online payment, payment plans, and online service planning.

Address and Contact Information:

5. Moore Funeral and Cremation – Moore, OK

moore funeral and cremation oklahoma

Moore Funeral and Cremation is a community-focused provider. They offer immediate, 24/7 support by phone for those needing to plan a service. Moore allows families and individuals planning services to tour the facility prior to planning, as well as free pre-planning guides for those hoping to plan their own services. Another focus at Moore is memorial services for veterans, which includes specific headstone and burial flag options for those who have served the country. Moore is a provider in between traditional and modern – they are community-focused and hold traditional values, yet many of their offerings are distinctly modern. They offer live-streamed funeral services for those whose families cannot attend, or for those who must have socially-distanced services.

Moore is unique in that they hold only one funeral service at a time. This is out of respect for the deceased and their family, allowing them to guarantee the most personal care possible.

Funeral Services:

Moore Funeral and Cremation offers pricing upon consultation. They offer 24/7 phone access, tours, and free planning guides to potential clients. They offer grief support resources and other helpful materials via their website.

Address and Contact Information:

6. Havenbrook Funeral Home – Norman, OK

havenbrook funeral home norman oklahoma

Havenbrook Funeral Home claims to be the premier funeral service provider in Norman. Opened in 1995, this larger-scale facility benefits from being a family-owned business until only a decade ago. Since then, Havenbrook has been able to expand and further serve Norman and its surrounding communities. Their focus is on supporting families and giving back to the communities they serve. They are committed to remaining available and open for all who need support, especially during this difficult time.

Havenbrook offers connections to local florists, grief support services, and more. Like Moore Funeral and Cremation, they offer live streaming services for those whose family cannot attend or those who must socially distance. Havenbrook offers tours to individuals and families hoping to plan services, as well as free planning guidance.

Funeral Services:

Havenbrook offers pricing upon consultation. They offer burial and cremation services in addition to funeral services and offer pre-arranged services for those looking to pre-plan for themselves.

Address and Contact Information:

Conclusion for Funeral Homes in Norman, Oklahoma

Finding the right funeral home is a delicate process, but these 6 funeral homes in Norman, Oklahoma make planning an easy and support process. Whether someone is planning services for themselves or a family is hoping to honor and celebrate their loved one, these funeral homes put community before all else in order to help make the painful experience of death and grieving a little less painful.

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