Best 5 Funeral Homes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (2021)

Oklahoma City has more than 50 renowned attractions such as the National Cowboy and Western Museum, world-class shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants. OKC, as it is fondly called, also has lots of beautiful funeral homes. We know that looking for funeral homes is not an easy task, especially if a loved one just past away. However, our job at Ok Funeral is to help you find the best funeral home for your situation.

These homes are well organized and are designed to cater to the essential paperwork, preparation, and other necessary details for burying a loved one. They offer so much love and support that it will feel like they are extended family members.

In addition, these funeral homes in Oklahoma City, OK have a great deal of compassion, empathy, and dedication. They want to celebrate the deceased’s life in ways that make them excellent in performing their duties. So, if you would love to know some top funeral homes in Oklahoma, here are about five of them to look out for and maybe even visit to view their excellent facilities.

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Top 5 Funeral Homes in Oklahoma City in Oklahoma

1. Resthaven Funeral Home in Oklahoma City

resthaven funeral home oklahoma city

Resthaven Funeral Home and Memory Gardens are committed to providing you a place of comfort where you, family, and friends can gather to remember and celebrate a loved one’s life. They have experienced staff that is ever ready to ensure that this vision is realized and that you have a memorable time with them.

The Resthaven Funeral Home management has been in the business of uplifting people during such trying times for decades. They gather these experiences from different walks of life to give their clients the best service, no matter their cultural background. Their promise and resolve are to treat you and your loved ones like family and always keep that promise.

Indeed, they are out to give both professional and friendly services, thereby meeting all of your specifications. This funeral home does not just meet your requirements; they also exceed all your expectations and give you great value for your time and money while making your time with them memorable and uplifting.

Funeral Home Details:

Office Hours:

  • Monday – Sunday: Open 24 Hours


  • Funeral directors that are licensed and experienced. They are always available and ready to discuss your concerns.
  • Prompt assistance for every step of the way
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Friendly and unique settings
  • Funeral, burial, cremation, veteran, and preplanning services. These services will be customized to suit you.

Their preplanning services help you put down your wishes in writing and ensure you get the memorial service you desire from your family, friends, and loved ones. Your loved ones will also have absolute peace of mind knowing that they are fulfilling your wishes.

The burial services they offer are designed to communicate both the event’s solemn nature and the joy that can be experienced while celebrating the life of a loved one. The guests are sure of enjoying an unforgettable time with family and friends.

2. Oklahoma Mortuary Service

Oklahoma Mortuary Service

Oklahoma Mortuary Service is a funeral service located at a central part of Oklahoma, which makes it easily accessible to the Medical Examiner’s office. They are a leading mortuary service that is committed to fulfilling their clients’ wishes and desires.

They have licensed embalmers and funeral directors who are ready to render excellent services to help you celebrate the life of a loved one. They are easily accessible and have open lines that one can call to make more enquires. They also have dedicated staff who apply their years of experience in delivering professional services

Funeral Home Details:

  • Address: 2424 N Oklahoma Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73105
  • Phone: 405.606.6160
  • Website: Oklahoma Mortuary Service
  • Fax: 405.606.6162
  • Email:

Products/ Services:

  • Cremation
  • Embalming
  • Transportation
  • Ship-out services
  • International shipping

Other reasons to choose them include an OSHA compliant Prep room with two embalming stations, assorted fluids for embalmment, and embalming accessories. They also have a walk-in Refrigerator unit for body storage controlled by temperature and active Human Resource and  Account offices. Their services also are moderately priced.

3. Smith & Kernke Funeral Homes & Crematory

Smith & Kernke Funeral Homes & Crematory

Smith & Kernke Funeral Homes & Crematory have the vision of helping their clients complete their relationship with a dead loved one by providing an environment that helps everyone offer and get emotional support.

When death happens, friends and relations are drained emotionally, and they tend to stay away from each other to mourn. At this time, there is a need to come together and draw strength from one another. Smith & Kernke Funeral Homes comes in at such times to help friends and family relationships with each other even in their weaknesses and draw mutual strength.

 Funeral Home Details:

  • Address #1: 14624 North May Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73134
  • Address #2: 1401 Northwest 23rd Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106
  • Website: Smith & Kernke Funeral Homes & Crematory
  • Phone: 405-528-7542
  • Email:

Products/ Services:

  • Securing permits and death
  • Making funeral plans
  • Coordinating details with the clergy
  • Custody and care of the body
  • Helping to arrange for burial or cremation
  • Placing notice of obituary in newspapers
  • Assisting with the grave opening and closing
  • Transportation
  • Supervising the funeral/ memorial service

Smith & Kernke Funeral Homes & Crematory also offers personalized memorial services that help family and friends to remember and honor the uniqueness of a life that has passed away. They are ready to respond to your needs quickly, no matter how urgent they may be.

4. Heritage Funeral Home & Cremation Services

heritage funeral home okc

Heritage Funeral Home & Cremation Services provides various service options to help you plan a beautiful ceremony for a deceased loved one. They don’t just offer these services; they join in your grief and give support, love, and comfort to family members while honoring your loved one.

They use funeral or memorial services to help families and friends come together to find strength among themselves. They are dedicated to offering the best traditional funerals according to the traditions of your religion and culture.

Funeral Home Details:


  • Funeral arrangements to meet all financial budgets
  • Licensed funeral director and professional staff
  • Licensed Oklahoma state notary public
  • Funeral preplanning
  • Shipping and receiving nationwide

Heritage funerals also offer cremation services to help families have a flexible service at a suitable time and place. So, whether the need is a burial, cremation, or memorial service, Heritage Funeral Home & Cremation Services will be there to give you a good service.

5. Corbett Funeral & Cremation Service

Corbett funeral and cremation offer preplanning services, funerals, and cremation packages. They are available to guide you whether you are making plans for the moment or planning ahead. They offer support to families and friends and help them give a loved one an honorable service while preserving the memory of good times spent with such a person.

They offer healing experiences to an entire community, and they have professional staff with years of experience who care for families and show them love in their most profound moments. Dedicated to excellence, the Corbett funeral and cremation service ensures that you get the best service that you desire.

Funeral Home Details:

  • Address: 807 W Wilshire Blvd Oklahoma City, OK 73116
  • Phone: (405) 488-3848
  • Email:
  • Website:


  • Healing experiences
  • Funeral services
  • Cremation
  • Veterans funeral care
  • Burials

Corbett funerals believe that their services do not just end at handling remains by conducting burials, inurnments, and interments. Instead, they think their job also has an emotional aspect where they work with families to build healing experiences. The healing experiences offer a close and peaceful platform where people get together and get renewed.

Conclusion for Funeral Homes in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

obituary oklahoma city, ok

When the death of a loved one occurs, family and friends are thrown into mourning as they begin to reflect on the deceased’s life and wonder how to keep the memory fresh in their hearts. Another concern that demands urgent attention is giving the deceased an honorable funeral service and how to make the necessary arrangements.

If you are in Oklahoma City and need the right funeral services with professional staff who offer prompt and speedy response even at short notice, this list of top 5 funeral homes in Oklahoma City reviewed above will guide.

The guide will help you choose the best funeral home to give that good funeral service for a loved one.

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