Top 5 Funeral Homes in Perry, Oklahoma (2021)

Losing a loved one is extremely difficult to cope with especially if the death was sudden and you weren’t able to plan for a funeral or cremation. You’re likely doing a lot of last minute planning and trying to find a permanent funeral home to lay your loved one to rest. Luckily, we’ve done our own independent research to help you find the best funeral homes in Perry, Oklahoma. Most of the places on our list offer some sort of funeral pre-planning, cremation services, or traditional burial.

1. Trout Funeral Home of Perry Oklahoma

Trout Funeral Home of Perry

The Trout Family founded their funeral home as a family business in November of 1936. Their funeral home was instituted on the principles of “Character, Confidence, Value, and Trust.” Trout believes even the smallest touch can make a big difference in personalizing your funeral services. There is no right or wrong when it comes to celebrating your loved one and honoring their life, accomplishments, and individuality. Out of all of the funeral homes in Perry, Oklahoma, this is one of the first ones should you check out.

Services Trout Funeral Home of Perry provides include:

Traditional Burial: A traditional funeral, with a visitation or gathering time, gives family and friends an opportunity to offer condolences, share stories, and say goodbye. Whether open to all acquaintances or a small and private gathering, the familiarity of a traditional funeral and visitation can provide you with comfort and a sense of peace.

Celebrating Life: Honoring the accomplishments, individuality, and life journey of a loved one can go far beyond the service itself.

Honoring Veterans: Helping veteran families pay tribute in a way that celebrates the deceased sacrifice, patriotism, and dedication.

Memorialization: Create a peaceful place to find comfort and remember your loved one. A memorial makes it easier for family and friends to continue their healing journey.

Pre-planning: Helping you and your loved one’s plan and take care of funeral accommodations to ease the stress when a passing occurs.

When it comes to caring for a loved one after their departure from this life, Trout Funeral Home has been a trusted guide in the funeral process in and around the Perry area since 1936. With a long history of “Character, Confidence, Value, and Trust,” Trout has built their polished reputation of the care and professionalism put into their services.

Funeral Home Details:

2. Brown-Dugger Funeral Home Oklahoma

Brown-Dugger Funeral Home

The caring and experienced professionals at Brown-Dugger Funeral Home are there for families, to support them through their difficult times. They offer a range of personalized services to suit the family’s wishes and requirements. Families can count on Brown-Duggerto to help plan a personal, lasting tribute to a loved one. They carefully guide families through the many decisions that must be made during their challenging times.

Some services offered by Brown-Dugger Funeral Home include the following:

Funeral Services: an act of acknowledgment, but also an act of redemption. Can work to transcend the bleakness of loss and make it into something positive or find closure. Reminds families of the real, physical need to support one another, to band together during times of sadness, and celebrate the life of a lost loved one.

Cremation Options: Offers families a variety of options. From elaborate and traditional to dignified and simple, a cremation is an option that allows for great flexibility in, style of service, time of service, price, and preference for a final resting place.

Pre-planning: allows you to protect your family members or friends from the stress of difficult funeral decisions at a time of emotional upheaval and is a decision only you can make. Allows you to plan ahead by making wise personal choices, in writing, knowing that your wishes will be carried out.

Brown-Dugger Funeral Home prides themselves on their personalization options. Life is full of opportunities to show someone that they are loved. One such opportunity is the funeral or memorial service. Such a loving event celebrates the choices made, the relationship shared, and honors the memory of a loved one.

With an extensive history of earning each family’s trust by providing guidance and support to friends and neighbors during life’s most difficult time, and giving a helping hand within local communities, the staff at Brown-Dugger is committed to providing each family with a personal and dignified service.

Funeral Home Details:

3. Dighton Marler Funeral Home Oklahoma

Dighton Marler Funeral Home

Serving Perry since April of 2005, Dighton Marler Funeral Home has the widest range of choices with the best prices in the area. They guarantee the highest service, care, and professionalism from a caring, considerate, and knowledgeable team. They serve any family, no matter economic status, race, creed, or custom.

Dighton Marler is there to help their families through the entire funeral process, beginning with designing service, caring for a loved one’s physical remains, all the way through the burial and funeral service.

Other services offered by Dighton Marler Funeral Home:

Immediate Burial: Burial or entombment without a public service or gathering

Visitation: Allows family friends to gather in a room to celebrate and honor the deceased.

Funeral Home or Memorial Service: Can take place at the funeral home, a church, or even a family’s home. A service to honor, celebrate, and remember the deceased.

Graveside, Chapel, or Committal Service: Held at the cemetery and allows family and friends to be present as the deceased is laid in their final resting place.

Pre-planning: Helping you and your loved one’s plan and take care of funeral accommodations to ease the stress when a passing occurs.

Dighton Marler also offers cremation options as well as live funeral webcasting.

Dighton Marler Funeral Home stays true to their motto “Celebrating Life, One Family at a Time.” They offer many options to fit their family’s needs, all coming at a reasonable price and provided by some of the most knowledgeable and caring professionals in the area.

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4. Palmer and Marler Funeral Home Oklahoma

Palmer and Marler Funeral Home

In business since the late 19th century, Palmer and Marler is and continues to be a family-owned business that is invested in the community it serves. Their motto, “People Who Care,” rings true as their primary concern is making the difficult time of planning a funeral a little easier. Palmer and Marler are available 24 hours a day to serve their families in any way they can.

Palmer and Marler provide the community with many services and resources when it comes to funeral planning. They have a convenient directory where you can find local florists, a grief library, and a grief bookstore.

Other services offered by Palmer and Marler Funeral Home:

Pre-planning: Helping you and your loved one’s plan and take care of funeral accommodations to ease the stress when a passing occurs.

Veteran Services: Will help in securing all the benefits a veteran is entitled to receive.

Funeral services: Help create healing experiences and give a loved one a unique celebration of their life whether the preference is traditional, contemporary, or anything in between.

The courteous, considerate, and compassionate staff of Palmer Marler Funeral Home is distinctively qualified to help you through the challenging process of funeral planning. They are available to assist families with every aspect of memorial services, cemetery needs, insurance claims, obituaries, and veterans services.

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5. Poteet Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Inc.

Poteet Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Inc.

Poteet Funeral Home and Cremation Services have been providing Perry and other neighboring areas of Noble County compassionate care and healing experience since 1921. They pride themselves on providing quality products and dignified service at an affordable cost. Their deep roots in the community are a source of pride, as they grow side by side with the families that they serve.

Services provided by Poteet Funeral Home and Cremation Services include:

Pre-planning: Helping you and your loved one’s plan and take care of funeral accommodations to ease the stress when a passing occurs.

Immediate burial: A loved one will be buried or entombed without a public service or gathering.

Visitation: Allows family and friends to gather in a room with the departed loved one in an open or closed casket and say goodbye or offer their support and sympathy to the bereaved.

Funeral or Memorial Services: Can take place at a funeral home, in a church, or even at your home. The service is a ceremony that serves to celebrate, honor, and remember the life of the deceased. Whether traditional or unique, both the visitation and the funeral service can be personalized to reflect the individuality of a loved one.

Graveside, Chapel, or Committal Services: Held at the cemetery, and allow family and friends to be present as their loved one is transferred to his or her final disposition through ground burial.

Poteet Funeral Home hopes to be considered as a source for compassionate care and exemplary service. Their pledge is to help families honor a loved one in a meaningful way, offering thoughtful guidance and personal attention to every detail.

Funeral Home Details:

Conclusion for Best Funeral Homes in Perry Oklahoma

We hope that you enjoyed our list of funeral homes in Perry, Oklahoma. We understand that coping with a near death or recent passing is difficult. Hopefully, we’ve helped narrow down your choices on choosing a funeral home so you can focus on your family.

If you have any complaints about any funeral homes in Perry, Oklahoma – here are some tips on what to do when you feel it’s necessary to submit a complaint.

If you’re unable to find funeral homes in Perry, Oklahoma, check out these nearby locations:

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