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The Funeral Board’s web site has linked the Rules of the Funeral Board, Vital Statistics, and the Medical Examiner to the Secretary of States web site Printed copies of the official rules are available only from the Secretary of State, you make contact the Secretary of State through the link listed above for information on ordering copies.

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Title 310 – Oklahoma State Department of Health
Chapter 105 – Vital Statistics

bullet Subchapter 1 Purpose, Forms and Fees
bullet Subchapter 3 Birth Registration
bullet Subchapter 5 Death Registration
bullet Subchapter 7 Bodies and Relocation of Cemeteries

Title 445 – Board of Medicolegal Investigations
Chapter 10
Medical Examiners Fee Schedule effective June 25, 2005

bullet Subchapter 1 Purpose
bullet Subchapter 2 Definitions
bullet Subchapter 3 Violent, suspicious or unnatural deaths
bullet Subchapter 4 Unattended death
bullet Subchapter 5 Establishing a hospital death as a medical examiner case; autopsies
bullet Subchapter 6 Road traffic fatalities
bullet Subchapter 7 Embalming of medical examiner cases
bullet Subchapter 8 Deaths during therapeutic procedures
bullet Subchapter 9 Use of investigators
bullet Subchapter 10 Transport of bodies
bullet Subchapter 11 Fees


For complete statutes including the Funeral Service Licensing Act and Crematories please go to the Oklahoma State Courts Network.

bullet Funeral Services Licensing Act
bullet Prepaid Funeral Benefits Act
bullet Cemeteries & Burial Association
bullet Violating Sepulture & The Remains of the Dead

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